Catriona’s War

#ad - Dublin, ireland 1940 an irish journalist goes missing in occupied France and only his daughter can save him. Nineteen year old Irish girl Catriona McCarthy adores her father. The future looks bleak,  there is a chance that he is in very real danger and she is presented with a stark choice. Can she defy his instructions and do as she is asked? previously published as part of the USA Today Bestselling Anthology, The Darkest Hour, this standalone novella will take you to the deepest recesses of Nazi power and leave you on the edge of your seat.

Simply brilliant. Amazon reviewer. Catriona's war is a deeply human story of ordinary people in extraordinary times. Amazon reviewer. Apart from her late mother’s family in france, but as war looms over Europe, he is all she has, Kieran finds himself away from his daughter much more often than either of them want.

Catriona's War #ad - An outspoken journalist from neutral ireland, he soon draws unwanted attention from the corridors of power in Berlin as he tells the rest of the world the truth about National Socialism. Catriona is following her father’s instructions, waiting patiently for his return, but an unexpected visitor one day causes her to question who her father really is.


The Emerald Horizon The Star and the Shamrock Book 2

#ad - Berlin, 1944ariella Bannon is being hunted. As the dark news of what has happened to their fellow Jews filters through, they are torn - love for their mother and their home on one hand, and the profound sense of peace and belonging they have in Ballycreggan on the other. She will be reunited with her precious children, no matter what it takes.

Meanwhile, liesl and erich have found a home in Ireland away from the chaos of war-ravaged Europe. Like all of the other children who escaped Nazi territory on the Kindertransport, they must wait to hear the fate of their loved ones. For their foster parents, their dearest wish, Elizabeth and Daniel, that Ariella would survive the war, is also their deepest fear.

The Emerald Horizon The Star and the Shamrock Book 2 #ad - . Someone is determined to betray her, but she has survived against incredible odds, and the end is in sight. Would her return mean the loss of the children they have come to think of as their own?As the Third Reich crumbles under relentless Allied bombs, Ariella is careful, but Berlin is a very dangerous place to be, and somebody knows she survived.

Can she take one last enormous risk to be reunited with Liesl and Erich or will her betrayer see her finally captured?The Emerald Horizon is the long awaited sequel to the best-seller, The Star and the Shamrock.


Finding Billie Romano The Tour Series Book 5

#ad - Usa today bestselling author wants to take you to Ireland for a story that will leave you wanting more long after you turn the last page. Twenty-five year old Billie Romano is struggling. She is grieving the death of her beloved dad and nothing in her life is going right. Her mother has remarried with indecent haste, so when her grandfather presents everyone in the family with a DNA testing kit for fun, Billie couldn’t be less interested in playing happy families.

The test results are shocking, and Billie finds herself caught in a turmoil of emotions as she is faced with a reality she could never have imagined. Her journey of discovery takes her to ireland, and to the stunningly beautiful Castle Dysert on the Wild Atlantic Coast, when Conor O’Shea once more steps into the role of fixer of problems and soother of troubled souls.

Finding Billie Romano The Tour Series Book 5 #ad - Can billie make a whole new start or are some cans of worms best left closed?Finding Billie Romano is the fifth book in the Tour Series.


The Robinswood Story Book 3 - Trials and Tribulations

#ad - On the face of it, a lovely husband, she has it all, a comfortable house and a supportive family, but she is in deep trouble, and nobody can even guess at the real reason why. Meanwhile lady lillian, sam’s sister, is useless and arrogant, refusing to accept that things have changed and that her title is not going to get her what she wants, least of all from her husband Beau.

In the midst of it all dermot and isabella Murphy try their best to maintain a life and a home for their family, but the trials and tribulations of life at Robinswood might just tear them all apart. Robinswood estate, 1950three sisters, the three men that love them, County Waterford, and a house that could consume them all.

The Robinswood Story Book 3 - Trials and Tribulations #ad - Assuming their roles as the new lord and lady Kenefick and returning to Robinswood with the plan to drag it back from the brink of dereliction, is taking its toll on Kate and Sam. With a young family to raise,   a very limited budget and only Kate’s parents to help, the task seems insurmountable. Kate’s eldest sister eve  and her husband bartley have found happiness in each other after some dark years, but when a face from the past appears, it seems that everything they have worked so hard to create is threatened.

Aisling, the middle sister, is being evasive and the family suspect something is very wrong.


The Star and the Shamrock

#ad - Berlin 1939. It hurts too much. But she is all Liesl and Erich Bannon have. Thrown together in the wild countryside of Northern Ireland, Elizabeth and the Bannon children discover that life in the country is anything but tranquil. Ariella bannon has no choice: she must put her precious children, Liesl and Erich, on that train or allow them to become prey for the Nazis.

When her husband doesn’t come home one day, but can she bear to let them go?A thousand miles away, Ariella realises that the only way she can ensure her Jewish children’s safety is to avail of the Kindertransport, Elizabeth Klein has closed herself off from the world. Danger and intrigue lurk everywhere, and some people are not what they seem.

The Star and the Shamrock #ad - From the streets of wartime berlin, the star and the shamrock from USA Today bestselling author Jean Grainger, and finally resting in the lush valleys of the Ards Penisula, to the bombed out city of Liverpool, is unputdownable. Losing her husband on the last day of the Great War, and her child months later, she cannot, will not, love again.


The Homecoming of Bubbles O'Leary: The Tour Series - Book 4

#ad - A motley crew, from spinster sisters of a certain age, to exhausted social workers, they are all in Ireland for one reason. The fact that this bunch of unusual people arrive during Ireland’s biggest matchmaking festival just adds to the intrigue. Is the past best left there, or is there redemption to be found in opening old wounds?Wise and witty, heart-warming and deeply satisfying, Jean Grainger takes us once more on an unforgettable trip to the Emerald Isle.

The homecoming of bubbles O’Leary is the fourth book in The Tour Series. Bubbles is coming home to Ireland, but everyone travelling with him has a secret. Usa today best selling author takes you to ireland, with characters you will never forget. With her warm, emotionally intelligent stories that keep you awake long after the light should be out, great, Jean Grainger is a worthy successor to the late, Maeve Binchy.

The Homecoming of Bubbles O'Leary: The Tour Series - Book 4 #ad - Amazon reviewer. A luxury stay in an irish castle, experienced tour guide, a handsome, and a secret that has never been revealed. Life as manager of the magnificent resort of castle Dysert on Ireland’s wild Atlantic coast is never dull, and Conor O’Shea’s life to date has taught him to be prepared for the unexpected.

Even he however, is not ready for the gang from Bubbles O’Leary’s bar in New York. But is everyone who they say they are? are all their motives pure?Conor is ready to do his best to show the visitors his beloved Ireland, but his personal life takes a devastating turn and he finds himself torn, unsure how to proceed.


Letters of Freedom - The Carmel Sheehan Series Book 1: A Novella

#ad - Neither knows the full truth. Carmel sheehan was abandoned as a baby and left in the care of an Irish convent. Sharif is searching. Though they were not cruel, life with the nuns was lonely and isolating. Nobody ever adopted her, so when the time came to leave Trinity House, she was terrified, and jumped at the chance to get a family of her own through a marriage to man she barely knew.

But bill wasn’t who he seemed, and having his horrible sister Julia as a constant looming presence made a bad situation even worse. Then a facebook message from a man claiming to know more about her past than she knew herself changed everything. Usa today bestselling Author Jean Grainger wants to take you to Ireland.

Letters of Freedom - The Carmel Sheehan Series Book 1: A Novella #ad - . Carmel is lost. What would make the nuns at trinity house lie about her history? Could Carmel risk the only life she’s known to find out?What reviews are saying:'I love Carmel, she's warm and funny and you find yourself rooting for her every step of the way. I don't do misery, and this book is not like those sad Irish childhood books, it's uplifting and intriguing with characters you really care about and a plot that twists and turns in all sorts of ways.

I cried, carmel is a modern heroine, and I laughed, flawed and damaged but resilient and strong. Move over maeve binchy, jean's writing has those elements Maeve had, fun with an poignant edge, warmth, I enjoyed the whole series.


Return to Robinswood: An Irish family saga. The Robinswood Story Book 2

#ad - But the shadows of the past are ever lurking, and there are many who are not willing to see the new Lady Kenefick as anything more than the housekeeper's daughter. Kate’s family, the murphys, find themselves once more, inextricably entwined with both the Keneficks and Robinswood, but this time everything is different.

She has a rare gift. You know those books you read slowly towards the end, to make them last? Jean Grainger books are like that. '. Can robinswood provide a haven for those who need it, or are the scars of the past too deep?Return to Robinswood is the second book in The Robinswood Story. What reviewers are saying:'grainger manages to seamlessly weave a rich history, a beautiful landscape and characters you care deeply about into a rattling good story that will leave you hungry for more.

Return to Robinswood: An Irish family saga. The Robinswood Story Book 2 #ad - I love jean grainger novels, I feel like I'm actually there, in Ireland with people I care about so much. Usa today bestselling author Jean Grainger has done it again. One irish house, two very different families, and a war that changed everything. Robinswood Estate, County Waterford, Ireland. 1946. Years of neglect and abandonment have left the family seat of the Keneficks almost derelict, but the new Lord Kenefick and his charming young wife Kate, are determined to breathe life into the old house once more.

The war is over and they have survived, so now they must set about making a bright future for themselves and their family.


Shadow of a Century: An Irish Love Story

#ad - In the process of rebuilding her life, Scarlett faces the difficult and ultimate choice of starting all over again. At ninety-three years old, before a chance meeting with Scarlett draws her back to Ireland, Eileen Chiarello thought her time for adventure and wonder was over, the land her parents fought for and loved so passionately.

Instead, however, she finds herself deeply affected by the social and political turmoil of a fledgling nation struggling for independence. A successful political correspondent, she finds herself at a crossroads when one error of judgement jeopardises everything she has worked so hard to overcome and achieve.

Shadow of a Century: An Irish Love Story #ad - Suddenly, all that was once inevitable is no longer a certainty as she is embroiled in the very heart of the Easter Rising. Scarlett o’hara has had many hurdles to cross in her life, not least her name. A broken woman, New York, 2016. A fearless rebel, Dublin 1916. And a gripping story that spans a century.

Usa today bestselling Author Jean Grainger, wants to take you to Ireland. During a time of great upheaval and unrest in ireland, as men and women run to take up arms against the tyranny and occupation of the British Empire, the lives of three women are forever altered, and thereby inextricably linked over the span of a century.

Mary doyle arrives in dublin in 1913, doomed she fears, to a life of domestic service. Now, at the end of her life, Eileen has the opportunity to fulfil a promise she never thought she could.


The Future's Not Ours To See: The Carmel Sheehan Series Book 2

#ad - No profanity or violence, just a great story well told. Usa today bestselling Author Jean Grainger wants to take you to Ireland. As someone raised in an orphanage, carmel knows she should be grateful for a roof over her head and a respectable family, Co Offaly and get away from her husband, but she would love nothing more than to escape Birr, the monosyllabic Bill and his horrible sister forever.

Life as mrs sheehan should be bearable, all she had to do was look after the house and cook Bill’s meals. She didn’t even need to speak to him, in fact, he preferred that she didn't. But, as her fortieth birthday approaches, Carmel knows the change must be now or never. Her birth mother has offered her a lifeline from beyond the grave in the form of handsome, charming and kind Dr Sharif Khan.

The Future's Not Ours To See: The Carmel Sheehan Series Book 2 #ad - He's offering her a new life in london, one he assures her that her birth mother Dolly would want her to take, but the decision must be hers. I loved it. ’. A life filled with joy, friendship and the legacy of her mother’s enduring love for her awaits. But can carmel do it and scandalise the parish? can she finally realise her own worth and live her life on her own terms?The Future’s Not Ours to See is the next book in the Carmel Sheehan Story.

What reviewers say:in the style of Maeve Binchy and Frank McCourt, Jean Grainger is destined to become one of the great Irish storytellers.


What Will Be: The Carmel Sheehan Series - Book 3

#ad - But trouble is brewing once more for Carmel and everything she struggled to build looks like it is disintegrating. As carmel returns to the land of her birth, until she makes peace with her past, she discovers that she cannot fully embrace her future, and with her country. A heartwarming story of families, love and loyalty, set against the backdrop of Ireland.

What will be, is the final book in the Carmel Sheehan Story. Usa today bestselling author Jean Grainger wants to take you to Ireland. As long as carmel stays in London, nothing can happen to shatter her perfect life. But something is pulling her home. Should she resist?she has a wonderful marriage, a rewarding career and a great bunch of friends.

What Will Be: The Carmel Sheehan Series - Book 3 #ad - The new, confident and happy Carmel only exists on the cosmopolitan streets of Britain's capital. As far as she's concerned, the sadness of her past can stay back in Ireland, where it belongs. For carmel, ireland only means misery, loneliness and fear and she never wants to return. She tells herself that sharif will be by her side, and that maybe her father is right and Ireland isn't the terrible place she's made it out to be.

. If she ever was forced to return, she fears she would revert to the mousey downtrodden woman she once was.