Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood 3: The Savage Brothers

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - His brother, shon, and his greed causes the Savage empire to be in debt with the Columbian cartel of over a million dollars. After serving a ten-year bid in prison, Taye ‘City’ Savage was finally freed. Now, money and shon, city and his left and right-hand men, are intent on finding out who had the audacity to come against the Savage family, and they are ready to make the streets of Chicago bleed in repentance of taking one of their own.

In the meantime, yet awkward, Bliss is dealing with choosing to put on the engagement ring that Money gave her during his beautiful, proposal. Will bliss say yes, or is she finally tired of money’s inability to choose her? who is the father of Zoe’s baby? When the Savage family endures yet another family tragedy, will Akira decide that she isn’t willing to continue to mourn the loss of her loved ones? Find out the answers to questions and more in this third installment of the dramatic, urban, romantic tale of the irresistible Savage brothers! .

Akira finally has the man that she has yearned for for ten long years. However, once he was released, there was no time to chill and enjoy the riches that his brothers had acquired at his left and right hand at the king’s throne of the Savage empire. However, now that she has city, she isn’t ready to endure the hurt that comes along with being the connect’s woman.

Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood 3: The Savage Brothers #ad - Yet, she is banking on the dna test results proving that the father of the baby that she is pregnant with is Money so that she can keep the man that she feels Bliss has taken from her and maintain the lavish lifestyle that he has been providing her with. Zoe spent some time back and forth between brothers Shon and Money, but now that her scandalous secret has been revealed, she has been outcast from the family.

Yet, being the man that city is, he quickly handles that… just to be thrown in the middle of more mayhem when one of his family members fall victim to the streets.


Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood 2: The Savage Brothers

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - Yet, now that their relationship is finally over, their drama isn’t. Suddenly, a pretty, established young lady falls into Shon’s lap right in the midst of him cleaning the streets of those that were disloyal to the Savage organization. As mature men, the savage brothers now realize that a man is not truly rich until he has something that money can’t buy, and that’s the women that have won their stubborn, once concrete, hearts.

Zoe desperately tries any and everything to get her man back. As soon as city and akira had a taste of their happily ever after, it was snuffed away by her very own father. He has never fallen for a woman, and when he finds out that she isn’t who she has portrayed herself to be, he probably never will. In part 2 of every love story is beautiful, these brothers are forced to turn their savage ways up, But Ours Is Hood, as they fight to protect their brand and family.

Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood 2: The Savage Brothers #ad - Money finally matured enough to realize that staying with Zoe because of loyalty, was only hurting them both. She can’t stand the thought of him being with Bliss, but little does she know, Bliss wants nothing to do with him. Shamar was ready to stake his claim of the beautiful, Taraji. However, nothing in life comes easy and that includes love… especially with so many threatening, dangerous, and deadly obstacles in their paths to protect their family and their women.

However, her obsessed, ex, Reggie, has kidnapped her. Shamar has gone from finding love to trying to find out if his woman is dead or alive.


Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood: The Savage Brothers

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - Now, money is finally ready to shed his immature ways and settle down. Money only kept her by his side because she was the last woman standing. City and akira’s bond was strong, and their fate was inevitable, so they thought. Watkins, death, sex, and chaos leads to unforeseen tragedy and unexpected love.

Along the way, he had ruined Zoe with every woman that he cheated on her with, and every lie he told. However, before their bound could be sealed, life happened. When his brothers financed his baby, Savage Ink, his only focus was his tattoo shop. That is exactly what happens with these Savage brothers and the women that adore them.

Yet, now, as mature men, they realize that you’re not rich until you have something that money can’t buy. He had never fallen in love, not even with his girlfriend of five years, Zoe Moore. Yet, zoe finds herself in a desperate state of mind when she realizes that she is not the woman that Money has chosen to settle down with.

Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood: The Savage Brothers #ad - Shamar savages’ only love has been his love for art. Yet, by that time, both city and akira were involved, but they weren’t so loyal to Nova and Davion that they could ignore the passion in their hearts that they still harbored for one another. The only thing that ever mattered to Keandre “Money” Savage was the hustle.

Yet, zoe was the only one in the relationship that was in love.


The Cause and Cure Is You

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - So, last year, he decided to settle down. Then, one rainy night, he met Ivy, and his life changed. The moment that keys first saw Ivy, it was a moment straight out of the movies. If only it could have been that simple. Keys had been the typical hood boy for most of his life; selling dope, getting money and getting bitches upon bitches upon bitches.

From the moment he met her, he felt a responsibility to save her, but what lengths will Keys go to save himself? Ivy, however, is very much living in the real world. After meeting ivy, to mystery, keys' life literally went from the normal day-to-day, fantasia and the realization that forever will be a very long time for him.

Since the moment they met, keys had been her superman, and since the moment that she stepped into his life, Ivy had been his kryptonite. Despite their incredible connection, both Keys and Ivy take great lengths to distance themselves from this fairytale-like chemistry between them. Except the threat of death.

The Cause and Cure Is You #ad - He would have never imagined that every moment since would be a straight up fantasy. The fact that he had survived shootings and Dream's jealous wrath was a miracle from above, and he grew tired of forcing God's hand. And it wasn't that typical change that leads to a man going astray. He quit the dope game and focused on his girlfriend, Dream.


When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings 2: THE FINALE

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - Now, secrets have been revealed, their feelings are in the way, and Vegas and Ross are determined to make sure that the outcome is deadly. Mello’s dreams of being with Heaven have always only been fantasy because of who she is married to. But as her luck as always has it, she can never have what she wants without it coming at a hefty price.

When she refuses to pay the price, Heaven is forced back into a life on the streets. Without Mello. Vegas had never cheated on Treasure. All the while, damo and Princess are still plotting to dismantle this crew. Heaven welcomes the mayhem, as long as she finally has Mello, however, a man that truly loves her.

When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings 2: THE FINALE #ad - The two side dude's that Heaven and Treasure have fallen for pretended as if they could play second to another man. Treasure literally makes herself sick with the thought of Vegas being with Princess. Will heaven make it on the streets? will treasure be able to make it on her own two feet? Will Ross finally pay for the havoc that he wreaked on Heaven’s life? Find out in this heart-wrenching finale that will leave you breathless until the very end.

But when she is forced to reveal her infidelity with Vegas’ “friend”, Damo, Vegas throws away the ring and their relationship and runs into the arms of the one woman that Treasure despised.


The Cause and Cure Is You 2: The Finale

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - The Cause and Cure Is You 2: The Finale #ad - Will steve be able to save keys in time? In the meantime, Ivy struggles to start a new life without the leading men in her life. She moves to dallas, away from the heartache and pain, only to find out that it has come along with her to Dallas. Steve valentine stops at nothing to protect the Valentine's clan against Theodore Jones, who is determined to be the only metahuman left on the earth.

The cause and cure is you 1 ended with chaos and bloodshed, and the finale starts the same.


A Thug's Love 2

#ad - They were all keeping secrets that would tear apart our family and our business, and I was too busy in my own immense happiness to even see it. In fact, i was so happy that I didn't see the deceit that was happening right under my nose. Everybody around me was keeping secrets that would send me right back to a dark place; a place way worse than the prison that I had just emerged from.

They say that every friendship, every relationship, is bound to fall apart when you start keeping secrets. But soon I would. Merely weeks after my release, i would find myself, once again, in a world that was turned upside down, and yet again, all of the blame would fall on my undying loyalty to my King.

A Thug's Love 2 #ad - That couldn't be truer with King, Meech, Siren, Dolla and Jada. Once i was released from prison, I thought that all of the heartache was over. This time of my life was supposed to be my "happily ever after the bullshit. King's empir e was bringing in more money than he could count. On the outside, things looked so perfect, and I was beyond happy.

I was back with my family, and I assumed that the nightmare had come to an end. I was about to get the wedding of my dreams. Little did i know, the nightmare had actually just begun.


I Can't Let Go

#ad - Her best friend, zoe, lived the life that she desperately wanted for herself and she was willing to do whatever necessary to get it. When lies are told and truths are revealed, it’s hard to decipher a friend from a foe. At only sixteen years old, kimora was wise beyond her years but the four year age gap was an issue that her older sister, Kimiko, could not ignore.

There was only one thing standing in the way of him having his heart’s desire - Venus, his girlfriend of two years. Venus loved Tino almost more than she loved herself. All she wanted was her happy ending but outside forces seemed to always derail her plans. Find out what happens when enemies are disguised as loved ones and nothing or no one is who or what they appear to be.

I Can't Let Go #ad - Being the patient man that he is, Tino decided that Kimora was worth the wait. Love at first sight is cliche but that was the only way that Santino “Tino” Dixon could describe his feelings for the beautiful Kimora Carter. He kept his word to her sister but he stayed close to the young beauty who captured his heart.


A Thug's Love 3

#ad - My girl was miserable, but she didn’t run as I did; she was trying her best to inflict the same pain on Dolla as he had on her. Meanwhile, king, meech and Dolla were constructing a plan to permanently get rid of the squad’s enemies. Who knew that he had been keeping such a secret from me? Just my luck, as I hid from him to gather my thoughts and deal with the pain, yet another crushing blow to my happiness was revealed.

But will it work? will the squad make it through this storm of deception and lies to continue ruling the streets of Chi?Some secrets should never be kept and some secrets should never be told because, either way, we were all about to suffer the consequences of secrets both revealed and untold. I then realized that i could no longer live for King; it was time to live for Kennedy.

A Thug's Love 3 #ad - Dolla had torn her heart into two. Kennedy:apparently I had been naive the entire time that I was with King. Little did i know, Jada was suffering the same heartbreak that I was.


A Thug's Love 4

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - This crew continues to take blow after blow. Unbeknownst to them, a friend of the crew shares a past with someone that plans to cause catastrophic damage to them. Will this crew survive? will they be in support of Jada’s unconventional choice in who she decides to give her heart to next? Find out in A Thug's Love 4!

Jada was a straight shooter and a force to be reckoned with. Now, dolla is a single father of twins, and Jada is alone, after nearly ten years of faithfully standing by Dolla’s side. Through thick and thin, Jada was a ride or die companion for her street hustla, Dolla. The kingdom is crumbling. Jada and Dolla were the ideal couple.

A Thug's Love 4 #ad - Naturally, she deals with the hurt in unhealthy ways, which comes back to bite her in the ass. After king, yet another hurdle is barreling towards this crew, Dolla, and Meech saved the organization from Siren and Maria’s attempt to dismantle it, threatening to destroy all that King has built. She fought everyone and everything off; foes, obstacles, and side chicks.

However, broken heart, not only does she suffer from her damaged, but others close to her tragically fall victim to it as well. Meanwhile, the Carter kingdom is crumbling. She loved her man, family, and crew with all of her might… and then her world came tumbling down.


A Thug's Love 5: The Finale

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - Brittany is still clinging to life, while Brooklyn fights to keep his. The only thing positive in her life, the only thing that made her smile, was her kids and Brooklyn. That's how jada had been surviving the multitude of bad luck that had been hurling her way, as of late. Meanwhile, kennedy is struggling with the sudden severe depression that she has succumb to since losing her baby boy.

In this explosive series finale, Jada takes extreme measures to take her life back, while her family and crew fight for their own. In a drive-by meant to avenge the murder of gustavo, brooklyn was hit, saving Jada, and is now fighting for his life, the Carter Crew's connect, before he even got the chance to enjoy it with the girl that he had been pining for for years.

A Thug's Love 5: The Finale #ad - Sex and bad decisions. However, just as her luck had been, both are at risk of being taken from her permanently. And while he is clinging to life, a person from his past surfaces to threaten any future that he and Jada may have. As jada prays for the lives of her loved ones, Meech fights to forgive King's disloyalty.

Will she finally take the time to fix herself to gain her own happiness, or will she continue to make the bad decisions that not only have been ruining her life, but the lives of her loved ones? Will the Carter crew survive the plunge of their most loyal soldiers? Find out in the finale of the A Thug's Love series!