PRENTICE HALL - Education. Study. Textbook. Hailed as a stellar educational resource for nearly a century, Magruder's American Government is updated annually to meet the changing needs of today's high school students and teachers. The program's engaging narrative is enhanced with numerous primary sources, political cartoons, charts, and photos, graphs, making the structure and principles of government accessible and motivating to students of all abilities.

The Attack

Anchor - As an admired and respected member of his community, he has carved a space for himself and his wife, Sihem, at the crossroads of two troubled societies. Faced with the ultimate betrayal, one that was entirely removed from the comfortable, he must find a way to reconcile his cherished memories of his wife with the growing realization that she may have had another life, modern existence that they shared.

From the bestselling author of The Swallows of Kabul comes this timely and haunting novel that powerfully illuminates the devastating human costs of terrorism. Dr. Amin jaafari is an Arab-Israeli surgeon at a hospital in Tel Aviv. Jaafari’s world is abruptly shattered when Sihem is killed in a suicide bombing.

The Attack - As evidence mounts that Sihem could have been responsible for the catastrophic bombing, Jaafari begins a tortured search for answers.

World Religions 2015: A Voyage of Discovery 4th Edition

Saint Mary's Press - The updated edition of this highly acclaimed text continues to help young people unlock the doors to the world's major religious traditions. The textbook highlights recent events in the history of these traditions and helps eleventh- and twelfth-graders understand the people, dimensions, and religious principles of the world's major religions.

New in this edition:new! a new modern design with updated fonts, and colors brings new life to each pagenew! each chapter begins with an updated opener to help draw students' attention to key information that will be covered in the chapter New! Updated events and statistics encourage discussion and a deeper understanding of the different religionsNew! Thought-provoking activities are embedded within each chapter to allow students to immerse themselves in and explore the content furtherNew! Term definitions are now reflected in a sidebar directly on the page where the term is first introduced, making them easier for students to find and useNew! A master glossary has been added to provide students a single point of reference for all significant termsEncourages eleventh- and twelfth-graders to explore the people, dimensions, imagery, and religious principles of the key religions of the world.


McGraw-Hill Education - Used book in Good Condition. Includes chapters on: - fundamental economic concepts - microeconomics: Prices and Markets - Economic Institutions and Issues - Macroeconomics: Performance and Stabilization - The Global Economy Includes company spotlights, people profiles, case studies, debates and careers.

Mcgraw-hill text book featuring Standard & Poor's information.

Creating a Christian Lifestyle: Student Text Companions for the Journey

Saint Mary's Press - Thought-provoking stories, poems, and personal examples lead students into discussion; engaging activities invite reflection, discussion, and journal writing. Used book in Good Condition. Senior year is a pivotal moment in the life of teens, a time when young men and women are shaping their goals and hopes for the future and seeking spiritual guidance.

The text examines themes common to all those paths: identity and autonomy, work, communication, friendship, sexuality, creativity and learning, love, money and possessions, and suffering and healing. The full-color lively design and over 50 original artworks by students stimulate students' interest. Creating a christian lifestyle, addresses significant issues teens will face as they choose among the many life paths they may travel--single or married life, religious life, a comprehensive one-semester course, or ordained ministry.

Creating a Christian Lifestyle: Student Text Companions for the Journey - Used book in Good Condition.

The Practice of Statistics

W. H. Freeman - Statistics. Ap statistics. Used book in Good Condition. Statistics textbook. Used book in Good Condition. Combining the strength of the data analysis approach and the power of technology, enhanced teacher support materials, the new edition features powerful and helpful new media supplements, and full integration of the TI-83 and TI-89 graphing calculators.

Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science

W. W. Norton & Company - International bestseller "Clear, informative, concise, and witty. Chicago tribuneat last! A new edition of the economics book that won’t put you to sleep. Ten years after the financial crisis, Naked Economics examines how policymakers managed the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Demystifying buzzwords, the breezy naked economics gives you the tools to engage with pleasure and confidence in the deeply relevant, and answering the questions you were always too embarrassed to ask, laying bare the truths behind oft-quoted numbers, not so dismal science.

Used book in Good Condition. In fact, you won’t be able to put this bestseller down. Statistics. Ap statistics. This revised and updated edition includes commentary on hot topics such as automation, income inequality, trade, and America’s rising debt. Used book in Good Condition. In our challenging economic climate, this perennial favorite of students and general readers is more than a good read, it’s a necessary investment―with a blessedly sure rate of return.

Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science - Statistics textbook.

Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching: Living as a Disciple of Christ Encountering Jesus

Ave Maria Press - No one sins alone. Ap statistics. No one lives alone. Online resources: as always, powerpoints, handouts, including videos, crossword puzzles, teachers can access a wide variety of online resources at the Ave Maria Press website, reading guides, and tests. Note-taking graphic organizers: designed to help students organize, summarize, and sequence the text, various types of organizers were customized for every section of the book.

Statistics. Infographics: a wide variety of visual and interactive designs throughout the text help students understand theological concepts in ways they will remember. The textbook, the second in the encountering jesus series released by Ave Maria Press, adheres to the USCCB guidelines for Elective Course C: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Ave maria Press. Used book in Good Condition. Statistics textbook. Organized around the seven principles of catholic social teaching,  Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching helps students gain a greater understanding of the roots of social teaching in the Church, its context in the Bible and Catechism and real-life examples of charity and justice in action.

Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching: Living as a Disciple of Christ Encountering Jesus - Section assessments: each section includes pedagogically designed assessment questions with labels that show how the questions serve a variety of different learning styles. 2015 the subcommittee on the catechism, united states conference of catholic bishops, has found that this catechetical high school text is in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and fulfills the requirements of Elective C of the Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age.

Globalization, Spirituality & Justice Rev Ed Theology in Global Perspective Tgp-Theologoy of Global Perspective

Orbis Books - Statistics textbook. Statistics. Ap statistics. A theological reading of globalization and a global reading of theology. Used book in Good Condition. Orbis Books. Used book in Good Condition. Ave maria Press.

The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium

Harmony - Used book in Good Condition. Statistics textbook. One sad consequence of this shift is the loss of spiritual and theological bearings, most clearly evident in our inability to understand or speak about such things. Ave maria Press. Money, politics, sports, and science seem better suited to the  hard realities of our world.

The powers that be reclaims the divine realm as central to human existence by offering new ways of understanding our world in theological terms. Walter wink reformulates ancient concepts, heaven and hell, such as God and the devil, angels and demons, principalities and powers, in light of our modern experience.

The Powers That Be: Theology for a New Millennium - Orbis Books. Used book in Good Condition. As the church steeple has been eclipsed by the skyscraper as the centerpiece of the urban landscape, so has the divine realm been set aside in favor of more immediate human experience. Ap statistics. In our fast-paced secular world, God and theology  are second-class citizens.

. A digest of the 3rd volume of his trilogy on the powers. He helps us see heaven and hell, and the powers that shape our lives as tangible parts of our day-to-day experience, sin and salvation, rather than as mysterious phantoms. Statistics.

Demian Perennial Classics

Harper Perennial Modern Classics - Statistics textbook. In demian, tells the dramatic story of young, author of steppenwolf and Siddhartha, Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse, docile Emil Sinclair’s descent—led by precocious schoolmate Max Demian—into a secret and dangerous world of petty crime and revolt against convention and eventual awakening to selfhood.

Harper Perennial. Ap statistics. Statistics. Orbis Books. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Ave maria Press. A digest of the 3rd volume of his trilogy on the powers.