Natural Progressions Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master

Friday Music - Bernie leadon is one of the more accomplished singer, songwriter and musicians that the music world has been fortunate to have known. With his second to none track record as a founding member of the eagles, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and many others, Linda Ronstadt, as well as his groundbreaking work with The Flying Burrito Brothers, he continually makes some of the most incredible music ever recorded as heard on his first solo outing Natural Progressions.

Friday music is very pleased to announce the newly original recording master compact disc release of The Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades Band classic Natural Progressions. Produced by glyn johns and featuring dynamic band members bryan garofalo Joe Walsh/Glenn Frey, David Kemper Jerry Garcia/T-Bone Burnett and Steve Goldstein Joan Armatrading, this impeccably mastered Natural Progressions will become one of the highlight classic rock reissues this season.

Natural Progressions Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master - Upon his departure from the eagles after the hugely successful One Of These Nights album, Bernie Leadon teamed up with Michael Georgiades Johnny Rivers, Colin Hay, and recorded the stellar Natural Progressions album. For a very limited time, we are also enhancing your listening enjoyment with the original classic Lp cover elements including lyrics, which haven t been available for years.

Mastered by joe reagoso from the original asylum records tapes at Friday Music Studios, The Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades Band classic Natural Progressions will be one of the more anticipated classic singer/songwriter albums in some time. Featuring the single hits you re the singer and as time goes on, the prog-rock leaning Callin For Your Love and the harmonic delivery of Rotation, as well as rock classics like How Can You Live Without Love?, all truly making this one of the finest sounding albums of the classic rock era.

Impeccably mastered by joe reagoso randy Mesiner/Don Felder/Joe Walsh this limited edition cd also contains more favorites like The Sparrow, Breathe, and Glass Off.

Airborne Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master

Friday Music - Co-writing smash hits like hotel california, victim Of Love and Those Shoes, Don Felder s contributions to one of the most successful recording acts of all time were truly rewarding to fans all over the world. Upon leaving the eagles after the hugely successful The Long Run album, a few years later Don Felder delivered a treasure trove of great tunes with his dynamic first solo album Airborne.

Featuring the hit never surrender co-written with the legendary Kenny Loggins and two more great singles with Who Tonight and Bad Girls, as well as more rockin classics like Night Owl, all truly making this one of the best recordings of Don s long career. Don felder brought his years of solid musicianship and vocal expertise for the his debut solo masterwork, which has been out of print for many years.

Airborne Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master - . Until now. Friday music is very pleased to announce the newly original recording master compact disc release of Don Felder s Airborne. After being hired as david crosby and graham nash touring guitarist, The Eagles later brought him in to record on their smash On The Border, eventually joining the band for the rest of their recorded output on Asylum Records.

As a longtime member of the eagles, crosby & nash, as well as his axe wielding work with The Bee Gees, and many others superstar outings, Stevie Nicks, his continuing impact on the rock music scene is staggering. Growing up in florida with friends and future rockstars like Duane Allman, Stephen Stills and Tom Petty, Bernie Leadon, Don Felder mastered the guitar at a very early age and soon was making recordings and playing sessions.

Road To Forever Extended Edition

Top Ten, Inc. 28938927 - Extended edition re-issue of rock and roll hall of fame member don felder's 2012 release, david paich and Steve Porcaro of Toto, Steve Lukather, Stephen Stills, Randy Jackson, Road To Forever - features 4 bonus tracks not included on original releaseGuests on Road To Forever include: David Crosby, Graham Nash, Styx's Tommy Shaw and others.

Down The Road Wherever

Blue Note - Mark knopfler’s ninth solo studio album ‘down the road wherever’ features unhurriedly elegant new songs inspired by a wide range of subjects, a stray football fan lost in a strange town, including his early days in Deptford with Dire Straits, and the compulsion of a musician hitching home through the snow.

Shrink-wrapped. Mark has a poet’s eye for telling details that infuse his songs with his unique psychogeography – ‘where the Delta meets the Tyne’ as he describes it – and his warm Geordie vocal tone and his deft, richly melodic guitar playing are as breathtaking and thrilling as ever.

Bidin' My Time

Rounder - Folk, rock and roll, bluegrass and the unmistakable country-rock Hillman himself helped pioneer come together seamlessly on the triumph that is Bidin' My Time. Chris hillman, whose credits include co-founding rock and Roll Hall of Famers the Byrds, Manassas and Desert Rose Band, as well as the Flying Burrito Brothers, is truly one of the architects of American music.

Here she comes again' was co-written by Hillman and McGuinn and, until now, had only been recorded on a live Byrds album in Australia. The album kicks off with a new recording of Pete Seeger's and Welsh poet Idris Davies' 'The Bells of Rhymney, ' which the Byrds recorded for their debut. Collaborators and admirers from hillman's storied career appear throughout the record: tom petty; hillman's Byrds bandmates David Crosby and Roger McGuinn; the Heartbreakers' Benmont Tench, Pedersen, Mike Campbell, and Steve Ferrone; Desert Rose Band's John Jorgenson, and Jay Dee Maness; premier upright bassist Mark Fain; singer/guitarist Josh Jové; and fiddler Gabe Witcher.

Bidin' My Time - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. She don't care about time' was written by byrds co-founder gene clark, and was the original B-side to 'Turn! Turn! Turn!' Covers of the Everly Brothers' 'Walk Right Back' and Petty's 'Wildflowers' round out this understated yet undeniable masterpiece. His newest solo work, bidin' my time, produced by tom Petty and executive-produced by Herb Pedersen, captures a rarity: an icon who has never sounded better, making music with old friends for the sheer love of it.


Blue Elan - Cd shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

The Eclipse Sessions

NEW WEST - Shrink-wrapped. All the catches and the glitches and the gruffness, that sounds right to me. The 11 tracks presented in the eclipse sessions, '' demonstrate that the singer-songwriter, '' to the stark ''Nothing in My Heart, '' the lost-love lamentation ''Aces Up Your Sleeve'' to the rollicking ''Poor Imitation of God, his guitar playing more rugged and rootsy, is only getting better with age, from the breezy opener ''Cry to Me, now 66, his words wiser and more wry.

They ain't pretty, that's for sure, '' he says about the creaks and cracks that punctuate his phrases in songs like ''Poor Imitation of God'' and ''One Stiff Breeze. But i don't mind a bit. The eclipse sessions, john Hiatt's newest album, offers up his strongest set of songs in years. Shrink-wrapped. Hiatt goes all in with The Eclipse Sessions.

The Eclipse Sessions - There's a grit to these songs' a craggy, perfectly-imperfect quality that colors every aspect of the performances, right down to Hiatt's vocals, which are quite possibly his most raw and expressive to date. Long celebrated as a skilled storyteller and keen observer of life's twists and turns, Hiatt can get at the heart of a knotty emotion or a moment in time with just a sharp, incisive lyric or witty turn of phrase.

Shrink-wrapped. That sounds like who I am.

The Beatles The White Album 3 CD

Capitol - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. For 50 years, the white album has invited its listeners to venture forth and explore the breadth and ambition of its music, delighting and inspiring each new generation in turn. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The album's 30 tracks are newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell and features the new stereo album mix on 2CDs, adding a third CD of the Esher Demos.

The beatles have now released a suite of lavishly presented White Album packages, including an expanded 3CD package.

She Remembers Everything

Blue Note - Listeners familiar with "Seven Year Ache" or Interiors will recognize the knowing ache of this record. Shrink-wrapped. Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Shrink-wrapped. The follow-up to cash’s 2014 release the river & the thread, recipient of 3 Grammys including Best Americana Album, the album offers shimmering pop—with hints of twang and jazz—that could find a home in almost any year of postwar American music.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Familiar yet alien, cash's take on being a woman in the world reveals just how much has gone awry. Closing out the four decades Cash has spent as a recording artist, She Remembers Everything contains echoes of nearly all her previous styles. Cash's time focused on roots music also lends a classic form to her songwriting that makes it universal and timeless.

She Remembers Everything - Shrink-wrapped. But the luminescence and bright production are shot through with a darker vision, minor chords, trenchant vocals, and bent notes that destabilize the landscape. Dreams still beckon in a damaged world, and Rosanne Cash renders them with fierce grace on She Remembers Everything, a studio recording arriving November 2 from Blue Note Records.

Those who listened to recordings and live shows in subsequent years—which have included residencies at the San Francisco Jazz Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Library of Congress—will likewise find the literary voice that has framed her more recent music.

Above The Clouds: The Collection 3 CD/DVD

Geffen - Shrink-wrapped. Besides navigating the success of his own fine solo career see "you’re Only Lonely", " "New Kid in Town, Souther also went on to be a chief Frey collaborator on such pivotal Eagles songs as "Best of My Love, " and "Heartache Tonight. The final disc, 1992, shows frey and his top-shelf band at the height of their powers, ireland, a live dvd culled from a telling performance at the National Stadium in Dublin, on the Strange Weather tour, on September 15, veering from the cool-breeze manifestos of "Long Hot Summer" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to the rip-roaring crackle of "Strange Weather" to the everyone-join-in vibes of "Party Town.

Celebrate the very best of glenn frey's solo career with a stunning four-disc 3 CD/DVD box set, Above The Clouds: The Collection. Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Included are the broad swath of "after hours'" his majestic take on "For Sentimental Reasons, " a harmonic nod to the Beach Boys with a spot-on cover of "Caroline, No, " and the sheer battle cry of "Route 66" among them.

Above The Clouds: The Collection 3 CD/DVD - And while glenn clearly embraced the burgeoning video age, nabbing a vaunted 1985 MTV Music Video Award with the cinematically dramatic clip for "Smuggler's Blues, " it's the enduring essence of the man's songwriting skills on display here that truly sealed his legacy as a solo artist. Disc 2 explores frey's prowess beyond the charts, from the classy to the classic.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Playin' It Cool Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master

Friday Music - Celebrate the voice, the songs, the musicianship and the memories of Timothy B. Schmit. Also available from friday music randy meisner randy meisner limited anniversary cd edition/original recording master bernie leadon & michael georgiades -natural progressions limited anniversary cd edition/original recording master doN FELDER- AIRBORNE Limited Anniversary CD Edition/Original Recording Master JOE WALSH BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Limited Edition/Gatefold Cover Shrink-wrapped.

Shrink-wrapped. Schmits playin it cool will be one of the more anticipated classic singer/songwriter albums in some time. After the eagles took their initial break from the recording scene, they all embarked on amazing solo careers. Impeccably mastered by joe reagoso randy meisner/bernie Leadon/Don Felder/Joe Walsh this limited edition cd also contains more favorites like Wrong Number, Gimme The Money and Take A Good Look Around You.

Playin' It Cool Limited Anniversary Edition/Original Recording Master - Shrink-wrapped. Produced by Timothy B. Shrink-wrapped. Souther, david paich and jeff porcaro, rita coolidge, the late carl wilson from the beach Boys, the late Doobie Brother s Keith Knudsen plus Max Gronenthal from 38 Special/Grand Funk Railroad, Toto s Steve Lukather, this impeccably mastered Playin It Cool cd will become one of the highlight classic rock reissues this season.

Mastered by joe reagoso from the original Asylum Records tapes at Friday Music Studios, the classic revisit of Timothy B.