Shanghai Tang: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 4

Hard Wire Publication #ad - The triads have help from the police, and all eyes are on Dan – alone in a foreign land. Get prepared for a white knuckle ride from Hong Kong and Shanghai to the corridors of power in Washington, as we follow Dan on a terrifying adventure that could be his last. Will dan meet his nemesis in the murky underworld of shanghai? or will he fight to live another day? READ TODAY TO FIND OUT WHAT OTHER READERS ARE RAVING ABOUT!

He gets help from xiao Wei-Ling, A Chinese woman who is on the run herself. Political interests are involved, and soon Dan finds himself in a ruthless and twisted struggle for survival. Shanghai tang - a fast paced and heart pounding action thriller from the wildly popular Dan Roy Series. A betrayed assassin is thrust into the secret life of Shanghai's underworld.

Shanghai Tang: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 4 #ad - Move over all other action heroes, dan is the man! grace j reviewer ladygrab the popcorn and lock the door, high octane, is becoming a new legend in the infamous blood fight tournament called Kumite, exotic adventure! Gabi Rosetti Dan Roy, you are in for a thrill ride! Betsy Adrenaline drenched, ex Black Ops legend, in Hong Kong.

He gets a phone call, and he cannot deny Kimberly Smith's plea for help. Not only is kim’s life endangered, the rumbles of discontent have reached the White House…A devastating secret lurks inside the glamorous night life of Shanghai. He is carving himself a new life, when disaster strikes his loved ones back home.

An ambitious triad boss is making a bid to over rule the whole of Shanghai, and Dan Roy has become a thorn in his side.


Scorpion Rising: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 5

Hard Wire Publications #ad - Her name? Scorpion. But she was betrayed, and left for dead. Now she wants revenge. Get it now. Just don't start it late at night. What other reviewers are saying:“Mick Bose is here to stay” – Linda S. Up there with the best of the top tier thriller writers – child, flynn, all of them!” – Grace J Reviewer Lady“I can’t wait for the next one! Please write faster!” – Tom J.

She kills in silence, with the sting of a needle. Dan roy, a betrayed assassin himself. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and Dan is about to find out why. Two ruthless killers hunt for each other, and sparks fly when they meet, but the truth evades their grasp. A political nightmare revolves around an influential US Congressman, and the stakes are higher than ever before.

Scorpion Rising: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 5 #ad - You will keep turning the pages of this spell binding thriller, to the blue waters of the Bosporus, a heart pounding journey that takes you from secret jails in Russia, and deep inside the power corridors of Capitol Hill. Hell hath no fury like an assassin scorned. Her name is spoken in whispers. Apart from one man.

. And no one is going to stand in her way.


Deep Deception: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 6

#ad - Dan roy is imprisoned in a jail from hell in Mexico, and somehow, he has to break free to bring justice. The cia is involved, but its director, is pursued by demons of his own, Sidney Dvorak, demons which could destroy national security if he is not careful. A devastating plot is hatched in the golden rooms of the Kremlin, and the conspiracy stretches across the world, to Washington DC, from Moscow, and to the swampy tropical jungles of Veracruz.

Secrets are teeming in this thriller, bullets fly fast, and hearts are broken. Once you start, you won’t stop. This has everything you love in a Dan Roy thriller, and more. Mexico has its national elections, but a US friendly politician is butchered in broad daylight. Guaranteed. Have you read the rest of the Dan Roy Series?1.

Deep Deception: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 6 #ad - A tragedy, a family, and one man’s desperate choice between love and nation is pitted in this breathtaking tale. Shanghai Tang5. Hidden agenda2 Dark Water3. Scorpion rising move over other action heroes, intelligent, dan Roy is the man! - Grace J Reviewer Lady Exciting, kick-butt action with a purpose! - Dixie P Another standout book that holds your attention - Jim Conkle .

A spine chilling and action packed thriller from the wildly popular dan roy series.


The Tonkin Protocol: A Dan Roy Thriller The Dan Roy Series Book 3

#ad - She is flown into myanmar, to help locate another CIA agent, missing in action. When dan saves Kim from an ambush, their fates become entwined. But when kim is attacked and abducted before his eyes, he defends her with all his might. Ignoring the instant spark between them, Dan leaves her alone. From singapore to langley, come ride with Dan Roy on an adrenaline drenched, and Washington to Yangon, high octane, exotic adventure that will you leave you breathless and wanting more.

To save the world, and to get Kim back. The steamy tropical jungles of myanmar hide a terrifying secret. A plot designed to cripple the world. A war to end all wars. Dan roy is at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Can he make it right? move over all other action heroes, dan is the man! grace j reviewer Lady27Don't miss all the action! Rod TiltonSimply Amazing! Why haven't I heard of this guy before? Steven Smith !Dan has joined the backpacker trail in far South East Asia.

The Tonkin Protocol: A Dan Roy Thriller The Dan Roy Series Book 3 #ad - He wants nothing but peace, and to relax. But trouble finds him soon enough. Finally, they are forcibly separated, and Dan is left to die in the dense, remote jungles.


Dark Water: A Dan Roy Thriller The Dan Roy Series Book 2

Hard Wire Publications #ad - Wow, just wow! i couldn't put this book down! Steven Smith, Amazon reviewer. Dan roy is the man i want on my side, " Michael Naveh, Amazon and Goodreads reviewer. This is a hero i want to follow" - betsy's book blogif you love mitch rapp, jason bourne, Jack Reacher, then dive into the heart stopping series of Dan Roy !>>GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY>>Each book in the series can be read as a standalone .

Can he stop them? dan is back home in Virginia, USA, to settle his affairs. Action, razor taut suspense, intrigue, the second book of the bestselling Dan Roy series has it all. Who reads your emails? Who hides in the undersea cables?The enemy is at the gates. No one knows. But one man finds out. Then he is free to roam the world.

Dark Water: A Dan Roy Thriller The Dan Roy Series Book 2 #ad - But when an innocent woman is abducted in broad daylight, Dan responds to her call for help. His actions leads him into the dangerous vortex of a global plot. They have arrived, and will stop at nothing to unleash mayhem. Only dan roy, ex Black Ops warrior, stands in their way. Do yourself a favor and get into Dan Roy today! Rosie Lee, Goodreads reviewer.

This time, even Dan might have taken on more than he can handle.


Scorpion Down: A Dan Roy Thriller: Dan Roy Series Book 7

#ad - There will be no reprieve. A woman he once loved. Nothing will ever be the same again. They tortured her. Can he kill her? it is the only way Dan Roy will survive the greatest battle of his life. Three lives collide in this gripping white knuckle ride, and the future of the Vatican hangs in the balance. Because you will read all night.

. Read what other reviewers are saying:The definition of a page turner. That was their first mistake. Karl coxcan’t wait for the next one! a long series, hopefully!! - Emmy MccabeA white knuckled ride that swept me away! Pure adrenaline pulses through this book, I couldn't believe it. Left her for her dead.

Scorpion Down: A Dan Roy Thriller: Dan Roy Series Book 7 #ad - Mick bose, you are here to stay!! - Amazon reviewer. And that ending took my breath away! - polly hughesI am still holding the book and thinking, wow, just WOW! Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy today! - Sue Nicole. Please write more. A brutal conspiracy looms, Russia, stretching from the Middle East, to the heart of the American intelligence.

That was their second mistake.


Code Zero: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 8

#ad - Will he succeed? from the moscow to Saudi Arabia, and London to Washington, a thrilling showdown looms between Dan Roy and his enemies. He is a traitor who plans to start a new cold war. A high stakes, no holds barred action thriller that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Perfect for fans of Reacher, Bourne and Baldacci.

Get it now. A cracking good yarn! - greg burkei read ALL NIGHT- a white knuckle ride!! - Caroline B. Why haven't i heard of dan roy before? this is my FAVORITE NEW SERIES!! - Goodreads reviewer. This code will reduce the world to ground zero. Only four people know the code. Two are terrorists. They have teamed up with terrorists in the Middle East and all of them are inside the USA, in position to strike at the heart of power.

Code Zero: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 8 #ad - Only one man can stop them. One is a dead spy. The fourth one is Dan Roy. When a brazen murder takes place in broad daylight in Washington DC, a national manhunt begins to find the killer.


Hidden Agenda: A Dan Roy Thriller The Dan Roy Series Book 1

Hard Wire Publications #ad - Dan agrees to help, but he is betrayed. His only confidant is Major Guptill, his old commander, who dies mysteriously. But life has other plans for him. As chloe confides in dan, he begins to care for her more deeply than his battle scarred heart can understand. In a race against time to save the world from destruction, Dan and Chloe find themselves up against a terrifying terrorist attack.

Now, his soul needs a break. He moves to London, looking to forgive and forget. His life has been a never ending spectrum of action. An old face from the past pulls him back into a vicious plot that ranges from London to Afghanistan. There is no one to help. When chloe disappears, Dan has to fight with his back to the wall.

Hidden Agenda: A Dan Roy Thriller The Dan Roy Series Book 1 #ad - It's the way he fights best. Because failure is not an option. Bonus material - novella included!"a thrill ride that fans of Reacher and Baldacci will not want to miss. David bolton, amazon and goodreads reviewer"a slam dunk! Non stop action!" Kelly Watley, Amazon reviewer"Gripped me from page one and I couldn't let go!" Grace J, Goodreads reviewer .

Dan rescues the Major's daughter, Chloe, from certain death.


Scorpion Sting: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 9

#ad - He flies to london to catch a killer, the Russian assassin Scorpion, but his old flame, calls for help. This series has it all - action, suspense, emotions and twists!" goodreads Reviewer"Mick Bose has done the impossible - the Dan Roy series is right next to Jason Bourne as my favorite series! Get it today!"Mark Earls"I finished it, then started again.

The first lady is missing, but no one has noticed. The white house has a secret that only dan roy knows. So does a foreign power, and they will use it to bring america to its knees. What other readers are saying:"OMG! What a page turner this book is!"Amazon Reviewer. I read this is one sitting - the whole night! From start to finish, a white knuckle ride!" Barry Oldman.

Scorpion Sting: A Dan Roy Thriller Dan Roy Series Book 9 #ad - This has to be the best Dan Roy novel yet. Some books stay with you. The occupants of the White House are in grave and mortal danger, but they don't know. Trust me, this is one of them!" Lee Petit. Awesome, kick butt, rip roaring action and suspense. No one has guts and heart like Dan Roy!! Grace B Reviewer Lady.

A fearsome terrorist has his eyes set on the ultimate prize - The President and his Family.


ENEMY WITHIN A World War I Thriller

Hard Wire Publications #ad - War is raging in Europe. Buy now and find out what the other reviewers are raving about! A stunning, rip roaring adventure that will keep you up all night. Even the President is aware. In a farmhouse in Iowa, a woman becomes inextricably involved. A policeman in New York starts the manhunt that convulses a nation.

Read it today - ty patterson, usa today bestsellING AUTHOR. The most wanted man in the country is sleeping in your house. The world`s fate depends on your actions, comes a high octane, but how far will you go?"From the author of the wildly popular DAN ROY SERIES, edge of your seat thriller. The year is 1918.

ENEMY WITHIN A World War I Thriller #ad - She holds the key to the final puzzle. As the war begins to slip out of the allies grasp, who will stop the man who can turn the tide of war?Find out in this blistering, fast paced thriller, that races to a nail biting finish. Reminds me of clive Cussler, what a great book!" H. But a killer spy in new York finds out, and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his destructive mission.

Lester. America has a new weapon so deadly no one knows about it.


Outlaws: A King & Slater Thriller The King & Slater Series Book 4

#ad - There's exceptions the upper echelon simply cannot allow. I continue to be amazed by matt's ability to come up with truly creative situations for our beloved King and Slater to be thrown into. I think you'll understand what makes them tick. Twice as much adventure and excitement. Separately, forces to be reckoned with: together, virtually unstoppable.

Two of the best warriors I've met in a long while. Matt’s really hit one out of the park with this book. The ensuing combat takes on more importance as family, treachery, and the sheer volume of corruption are factored in. ". Loved every minute and I had a hard time putting it down. Continue putting his life on the line for his country despite the unrest brewing below his stoic exterior … or get out.

Outlaws: A King & Slater Thriller The King & Slater Series Book 4 #ad - He knows the pain of isolation, the stress that comes from making an enemy of the shadow world. And that’s avoiding the real dilemma — if he goes, Jason King must choose between the woman he loves and his brother-in-arms. Strap in for a white-knuckle thrill ride you won’t forget…What readers are saying about King & Slater:★★★★★ - “Slater and King working together is a whole new adventure.

The action never stops. This book was a treat from start to finish.