The Fundamentals of Political Science Research

Cambridge University Press #ad - Cambridge University Press. This revised second edition refines discussions from the first edition, with a new chapter on how to write an original research project. The authors use examples from political science research that students will find interesting and inspiring, and that will help them understand key concepts.

The Fundamentals of Political Science Research #ad - Professors kellstedt and Whitten present an integrated approach to research design and empirical analyses in which researchers can develop and test causal theories. The fundamentals of Political Science Research provides an introduction to the scientific study of politics. The second edition also contains an additional forty exercises and adds definitions for terms discussed in each chapter.

It offers the basic tools necessary for readers to become both critical consumers and beginning producers of scientific research on politics. The book makes technical material accessible to students who might otherwise be intimidated by mathematical examples.


Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - With the wit, wheelan defies the odds yet again by bringing another essential, accessibility, and sheer fun that turned Naked Economics into a bestseller, formerly unglamorous discipline to life. Wheelan strips away the arcane and technical details and focuses on the underlying intuition that drives statistical analysis.

A new york times bestseller "Brilliant, funny…the best math teacher you never had. San francisco chronicleonce considered tedious, chief economist at Google, the field of statistics is rapidly evolving into a discipline Hal Varian, has actually called "sexy. From batting averages and political polls to game shows and medical research, the real-world application of statistics continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

He clarifies key concepts such as inference, reveals how biased or careless parties can manipulate or misrepresent data, and regression analysis, correlation, and shows us how brilliant and creative researchers are exploiting the valuable data from natural experiments to tackle thorny questions. And in wheelan’s trademark style, there’s not a dull page in sight.

How can we catch schools that cheat on standardized tests? how does netflix know which movies you’ll like? What is causing the rising incidence of autism? As best-selling author Charles Wheelan shows us in Naked Statistics, the right data and a few well-chosen statistical tools can help us answer these questions and more.

Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data #ad - For those who slept through Stats 101, this book is a lifesaver. W w norton Company. You’ll encounter clever schlitz beer marketers leveraging basic probability, an International Sausage Festival illuminating the tenets of the central limit theorem, and a head-scratching choice from the famous game show Let’s Make a Deal―and you’ll come away with insights each time.


Political Analysis Using R Use R!

Springer #ad - A key point in these chapters will be that such actions are substantially easier in R than in many other programs, so advanced techniques are more accessible in R, which will appeal to scholars and policy researchers who already conduct extensive data analysis. Additionally, the book should draw the attention of students and teachers of quantitative methods in the political disciplines.

W w norton Company. For the intermediate or advanced reader, the book aims to open up the wide array of sophisticated methods options that R makes freely available. The remaining four chapters will begin to introduce the user to advanced techniques that R offers but many other programs do not make available such as how to use contributed libraries or write programs in R.

Political Analysis Using R Use R! #ad - This book provides a narrative of how R can be useful in the analysis of public administration, and political science data specifically, public policy, in addition to the social sciences more broadly. It can serve as a textbook and reference manual for students and independent researchers who wish to use R for the first time or broaden their skill set with the program.

It illustrates how user-created libraries can be installed and used in real data analysis, focusing on a handful of libraries that have been particularly prominent in political science. While the book uses data drawn from political science, and policy analyses, public administration, it is written so that students and researchers in other fields should find it accessible and useful as well.

By the end of the first seven chapters, an entry-level user should be well acquainted with how to use R as a traditional econometric software program. The last two chapters illustrate how the user can conduct linear algebra in R and create simple programs.


Designing Social Inquiry: Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research

Princeton University Press #ad - The unified logic of inference that this book explicates will be enormously useful to qualitative researchers of all traditions and substantive fields. Mathematical notation is occasionally used to clarify concepts, but no prior knowledge of mathematics or statistics is assumed. While heated arguments between practitioners of qualitative and quantitative research have begun to test the very integrity of the social sciences, Robert Keohane, Gary King, and Sidney Verba have produced a farsighted and timely book that promises to sharpen and strengthen a wide range of research performed in this field.

Princeton University Press. W w norton Company. Among the specific topics they address are interpretation and inference, the limits of random selection, constructing causal theories, comparative case studies, dependent and explanatory variables, selection bias, and errors in measurement. These leading scholars, each representing diverse academic traditions, have developed a unified approach to valid descriptive and causal inference in qualitative research, where numerical measurement is either impossible or undesirable.

Designing Social Inquiry: Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research #ad - . Providing precepts intended to stimulate and discipline thought, measuring the accuracy of data and uncertainty of empirical inferences, the authors explore issues related to framing research questions, discovering causal effects, and generally improving qualitative research. Their book demonstrates that the same logic of inference underlies both good quantitative and good qualitative research designs, and their approach applies equally to each.


Locked In: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration-and How to Achieve Real Reform

Basic Books #ad - Pfaff urges us to look at other factors instead, including a major shift in prosecutor behavior that occurred in the mid-1990s, when prosecutors began bringing felony charges against arrestees about twice as often as they had before. W w norton Company. Yet today, though the us is home to only about 5 percent of the world's population, we hold nearly one quarter of its prisoners.

Princeton University Press. And he shows that if we hope to significantly reduce prison populations, we have no choice but to think differently about how to deal with people convicted of violent crimes-and why some people are violent in the first place. How did we get to this point? locked In is a revelatory investigation into the root causes of mass incarceration by one of the most exciting scholars in the country.

An authoritative, clear-eyed account of a national catastrophe, Locked In transforms our understanding of what ails the American system of punishment and ultimately forces us to reconsider how we can build a more equitable and humane society. Mass incarceration is now widely considered one of the biggest social and political crises of our age.

Locked In: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration-and How to Achieve Real Reform #ad - A groundbreaking examination of our system of imprisonment, revealing the true causes of mass incarceration as well as the best path to reformIn the 1970s, the United States had an incarceration rate comparable to those of other liberal democracies-and that rate had held steady for over 100 years. Basic.

He describes a fractured criminal justice system, in which counties don't pay for the people they send to state prisons, and in which white suburbs set law and order agendas for more-heavily minority cities.


Congress and Its Members Sixteenth Edition

CQ Press #ad - The sixteenth edition of this best-selling text considers the 2016 elections and discusses the agenda of the new Congress, public attitudes about Congress, reapportionment, judicial appointments, and partisan polarization, as well as covering changes to budgeting, campaign finance, party and committee leadership changes, rules, White House–Capitol Hill relations, lobbying, and procedures.

Congress and Its Members Sixteenth Edition #ad - Basic. Always balancing great scholarship with currency, exhibits, maps, charts, the best-seller features lively case material along with relevant data, and photos. Davidson, Walter J. W w norton Company. Princeton University Press. The gold standard for congress courses for over 30 years Congress and Its Members, Sixteenth Edition, by Roger H.

Oleszek, Frances E. Lee, and eric schickler, offers readers current, comprehensive coverage of Congress and the legislative process by examining the tension between Congress as a lawmaking institution and as a collection of politicians constantly seeking re-election.


Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys New Perspectives in Crime, Deviance, and Law

NYU Press #ad - Princeton University Press. Honorable mention, presented by the inequality, presented by the racial and ethnic minorities section of the american sociological association 2012 best Book Award, presented by the Society for the Study of Social Problems Honorable Mention, presented by the American Sociological Association 2012 Finalist, and Mobility Section of the American Sociological Association 2013 Oliver Cromwell Cox Book Award, Latino/a Sociology Section, Poverty, 2013 Outstanding Book Award, 2014 Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Outstanding Book Award, C.

But beyond a fatalistic account of these marginalized young men, Rios finds that the very system that criminalizes them and limits their opportunities, sparks resistance and a raised consciousness that motivates some to transform their lives and become productive citizens. Wright mills book award presented by the study of Social Problems Victor Rios grew up in the ghetto of Oakland, California in the 1980s and 90s.

Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys New Perspectives in Crime, Deviance, and Law #ad - Rios followed a group of forty delinquent Black and Latino boys for three years. New york University Press. Punished examines the difficult lives of these young men, communities, who now face punitive policies in their schools, and a world where they are constantly policed and stigmatized. W w norton Company.

Basic. A former gang member and juvenile delinquent, rios managed to escape the bleak outcome of many of his friends and earned a PhD at Berkeley and returned to his hometown to study how inner city young Latino and African American boys develop their sense of self in the midst of crime and intense policing.


Principles of Comparative Politics

CQ Press #ad - A thoroughly-revised chapter on culture and democracy includes a more extensive discussion of cultural modernization theory and a new overview of survey methods for addressing sensitive topics. In this thoroughly revised Third Edition, readers have an even better guide to cross-national comparison and why it matters.

Examples from the gender and politics literature have been incorporated into various chapters and empirical examples and data on various types of institutions have been updated. Empirical examples and data on various types of institutions have been updated. Examples from the gender and politics literature have been incorporated into various chapters.

Readers are offered a new intuitive take on statistical analyses and a clearer explanation of how to interpret regression results; a thoroughly-revised chapter on culture and democracy that now includes a more extensive discussion of cultural modernization theory and a new overview of survey methods for addressing sensitive topics; and a revised chapter on dictatorships that incorporates a principal-agent framework for understanding authoritarian institutions.

Principles of Comparative Politics #ad - W w norton Company. New york University Press. William roberts clark, research, and sona nadenichek Golder’s groundbreaking Principles of Comparative Politics offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to comparative inquiry, Matt Golder, and scholarship. The book′s outstanding pedagogy includes more than 250 tables and figures, end of chapter exercises and problem sets, numerous photos and maps, and a broader set of works cited.

Online videos and tutorials guide students through some of the methodological components addressed in the book.


An IBM SPSS® Companion to Political Analysis

CQ Press #ad - Princeton University Press. Pollock′s an ibm spss® companion to political Analysis, students dive headfirst into actual political data and work with a software tool that prepares them for future political science research. Basic. In philip H. W w norton Company. Students learn by doing with fresh guided examples, step-by-step instructions, new annotated screenshots, and exercises that reflect current scholarly debates in American political behavior and comparative politics.

Compatible with all releases of SPSS 12. 0 and later, the all-new Fifth Edition includes 53 new or revised exercises. Cq press. New york University Press. Two new datasets nes 2012 and gss 2012 and two revised datasets on the 50 states and on 167 countries of the world feature an expanded number of variables to provide greater latitude for performing original analysis.


A Stata Companion to Political Analysis

CQ Press #ad - Cq press. Princeton University Press. With philip pollock′s third edition of a stata companion to political Analysis, students quickly learn Stata via step-by-step instruction, boxes that highlight Stata′s special capabilities, more than 50 exercises, annotated screen shots, customized datasets, and guidance on using Stata to read raw data.

. Basic. New york University Press. W w norton Company. This attractive and value-priced workbook, an ideal complement to Pollock’s Essentials of Political Analysis, is a must-have for any political science student working with Stata.


Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties, and Justice Ninth Edition

CQ Press #ad - Cq press. New york University Press. Known for fastidious revising and streamlining, the authors incorporate the latest scholarship in the fields of both political science and legal studies and offer rock-solid analysis of both classic and contemporary landmark cases, including key opinions handed down through the 2015 session.

With other nations, and "aftermath" boxes that tell the stories of the parties′ lives after the Supreme Court has acted―the text encourages greater student engagement with the material and a more complete understanding of the American constitution. Princeton University Press. Filled with additional supporting material―photographs of the litigants, sidebars comparing the U.

Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, Liberties, and Justice Ninth Edition #ad - S. Basic. Judicial decisions are influenced by myriad political factors, to the shifting sentiments of public opinion, from lawyers and interest groups, to the ideological and behavioral inclinations of the justices. Walker show how these dynamics shape the development of constitutional doctrine. W w norton Company.

In constitutional law for a changing America: Rights, and Justice, Liberties, Ninth Edition authors Lee Epstein and Thomas G.