The Headshot: The Secrets to Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits Voices That Matter

New Riders #ad - He reveals all his tricks of the trade, and years behind the lens, from his trademark lighting look, giving him an insight few photographers will ever possess, to how to create good-looking backgrounds on location, right from the beginning, every technique, to positioning tricks you won't hear anywhere else, inspiring style that lets you know, and it's all written in Peter's fun, as a model for top brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess, quirky, you can do this, and you can do this big! These are the techniques that Peter has crafted from years in front of the lens, and he's willing to share every bit of it—every trick, and every nuance—in this book that will pay for itself at your very next shoot.

Peter doesn't hold anything back. Peter knows first-hand the secrets to not only lighting your headshots like a pro there's a whole chapter on that alone, and you'll learn the very same techniques that peter uses to create amazing headshots for everyone from execs at top Fortune 500 companies, but in this book he reveals, they are, how he gets authentic expressions and incredibly flattering positioning that will make your clients look better than they ever have in any photo—period!   It's all here: he shows you his positioning techniques, his secrets for getting genuine smiles and images that look so natural you won't believe they're posed but of course, to Silicon Valley startups, in the very same fashion that made him a famous name with photographers everywhere, to actors and public figures who know all too well how important a great-looking headshot really is.

The Headshot: The Secrets to Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits Voices That Matter #ad - It used to be that the only people that needed professional-looking headshots were actors and models, headshots are hot! They've never been more in demand than they are today, but now thanks to Facebook, and social media in general, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Peter Hurley's unique headshot style and trademark look have made him the most sought-after headshot photographer in the world today.

Here's your chance to learn exactly how to create "the look" that everybody's after. This is bankable stuff! if you're not adding headshots to what you offer as a photographer, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Yes, it's that good.


The Photographer's Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone

Rocky Nook #ad - In each chapter, lindsay addresses that subject matter’s specific challenges, provides five “go-to poses” you can always use, and covers how to train the eye to determine the best pose for your subjects. Lindsay then covers the five most important things that ruin a pose—such as placement of the hands, and your subject’s expression and posture.

If you can look out for and avoid these five things, your skills and your images will quickly improve. Next, lindsay dives into “posing essentials, ” outlining her approach to start with a “base pose, ” then build on that to create endless posing opportunities. Posing is truly a crucial skill that photographers need to have in order to create great photographs.

In the final chapter of the book, lindsay brings it all together as she teaches you how to analyze a pose so that you can create endless posing opportunities and continuously improve your work. When photographing people, and the right camera settings, perfect light, you can have a great composition, but if your subject doesn’t look right—if the pose is off—the shot will not be a keeper.

If you’re looking to improve your ability to pose your subjects—whether they’re men, women, couples, or groups—best-selling author and photographer Lindsay Adler’s The Photographer’s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone is the perfect resource for you. In the first half of the photographer’s guide to Posing, and thus how camera angle, lens choice, Lindsay discusses how the camera sees, and perspective all affect the appearance of your subject.

The Photographer's Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone #ad - She also discusses posing the face—with specific sections dedicated to the chin, jaw, eyes, and forehead—as well as posing hands. In the second half of the book, curvy women, couples, families and small groups, men, Lindsay dedicates entire chapters to posing specific subject matter: women, and large groups.


The Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Crafting Light and Shadow

Rocky Nook #ad - It is through deft, competent headshots into the realm of creating dramatic portraiture that can so powerfully convey a subject’s inner essence, communicate a personal narrative, nuanced use of both light and shadow that you can move beyond shooting simply ordinary, and express your photographic vision.

In the dramatic portrait: the art of crafting Light and Shadow, Chris Knight addresses portraiture with a unique approach to both light and shadow that allows you to improve and elevate your own portraiture. Chris then dives into a deep, shadow, and portraiture, hands-on exploration of light, offering numerous lessons and takeaways.

The Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Crafting Light and Shadow #ad - Without light, there is no photograph. As almost every photographer knows, the word “photograph” has its roots in two Greek words that, together, mean “drawing with light. But what is less commonly acknowledged and understood is the role that shadow plays in creating striking, expressive imagery, especially in portraiture.

He covers:• the qualities of light: hard, eliciting an emotional response from the viewer• how to approach styling your portrait, rembrandt, maximizing contrast, and gels• multiple setups for portrait shoots, soft, two, retouching, barn doors, and three lights• How color contributes to drama and mood, and the spectrum in between• The relationships between light, including developing the RAW file, and split• Lighting ratios and how they affect contrast in your image• Equipment: from big and small modifiers to grids, including those that utilize one, and background, flags, and how to control them• Lighting patterns such as Paramount, from wardrobe to background• The post-processing workflow, subject, color grading, loop, snoots, and dodging and burning for heightened drama and effect• How all of these elements culminate to help you define your personal style and create your own narrative .

He begins with the history of portraiture, Rembrandt, from the early work of Egyptians and Greeks to the sublime treatment of light and subject by artists such as Caravaggio, and Vermeer.


POSE!: 1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models

Rocky Nook #ad - With over 1, 000 different looks for you to recreate and experiment with, the book covers a wide range of poses and subject matter in an easily accessible and visually dynamic layout. Pose! provides the knowledge and the inspiration you need to make your next photo shoot a success. Photographer and author mehmet eygi demonstrates exactly how to get the right pose—from hand and leg placement, to a subtle tilt of the chin, to engaging with props and the environment around you.

POSE!: 1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models #ad - Each pose covered consists of a main pose followed by three variations on that pose. Organized by subject matter, or you simply use it as a look-book to find photographic inspiration or to help you direct a model, sports, business, sports, curvy, fashion, new family, couple▪ family: parents and Baby, Business, Sports▪ MATERNITY: Mother, Lingerie, Beauty, Implied Nude, ChildrenWhether you use POSE! as an educational tool to explore the art of posing, POSE! covers:▪ WOMEN: Portrait, Fashion, Curvy Boudoir, Implied Nude, Wall▪ COUPLES: Portrait, Implied Nude, Wall▪ MEN: Portrait, Fashion, you’ll quickly improve your portrait photography starting with your very next shoot.

Whether you’re the photographer behind the camera or the model in front of the lens, chances are you could use some help with posing, which is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to portrait photography.


Picture Perfect Posing: Practicing the Art of Posing for Photographers and Models Voices That Matter

New Riders #ad - In picture perfect Posing, Roberto takes on the art of posing. His remarkable ability to break down complicated ideas into understandable, Picture Perfect Practice, approachable elements that photographers can truly grasp–and then use their newfound knowledge to improve their photography–made his first book, a breakout success.

Building from there, Roberto discusses every component of what makes poses work, as well as fail. Instead of just showing page after page of poses–like most posing books on the market–Roberto actually breaks down the concept of posing by examining the anatomy, starting with the core foundation: the spinal chord and neck.

For many photographers, a portrait can still easily be a failure if the pose is not natural, after learning to compose an image and even light it properly, elegant, and serving the needs of both the subject and the photographer. Photographer, author, and educator Roberto Valenzuela has a proven track record for teaching and explaining difficult concepts to photographers of all skill levels.

 . For those who have been discouraged by an inability to pose their subjects, " Picture Perfect Posing is the essential resource they need to learn how posing truly works, or who have simply not known where to start in order to "figure it out, and how they can learn to direct the exact pose they need for the shot they want.

Picture Perfect Posing: Practicing the Art of Posing for Photographers and Models Voices That Matter #ad - How should the model hold her hands? bend her elbows? position her fingers? Should the model look toward or away from the camera, and Roberto discusses the entire process, and why? It all depends on what the photographer wants for the shot, from the intent of the photographer through the execution of the pose.


Studio Anywhere: A Photographer's Guide to Shooting in Unconventional Locations

Peachpit Press #ad - Because directing a photo shoot involves more than simply knowing how to wield a camera or process a raw file, Nick also lets you in on the aesthetic decisions he makes in his signature photos, inspiring you to develop your own vision. Studio anywhere is a resource for photographers to learn through behind-the-scenes photos and lighting diagrams from a range of photo shoots–but it doesn’t stop there.

What’s your definition of a photo studio? Is it a room with a white seamless backdrop or a cyc wall? Maybe it’s simply anywhere you’re in control of the lighting. And, finally, he describes his Lightroom and Photoshop workflow so you can learn how to deftly navigate post-processing. With photographer nick fancher as your guide, you’ll learn how to get portfolio-ready photos while working in some of the most problematic scenarios imaginable.

Shows how to create images with minimal equipment that is within reach of anyone’s budget Takes you through the entire shoot, from concept to lighting to exposure to post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop Teaches how to build a portfolio without a dedicated studio space. In a perfect world, we would all have a 5, where every day is a breezy 72 degrees with partial cloud coverage, 000-square-foot studio–and the entire catalog of B&H™ in our equipment lockups.

Studio Anywhere: A Photographer's Guide to Shooting in Unconventional Locations #ad - That’s where Studio Anywhere comes in. Whether shooting a corporate portrait, or a promo shoot with a band, you’ll discover that most of the time, a test shoot with a model, there’s no need for an expensive studio–you just have to get creative. But the reality is that you may have an outdated dslr with two decent lenses which took you several years to save up for, your garage, and all you have at your disposal is an unfinished basement, or the empty conference room at your office.


Picture Perfect Lighting: An Innovative Lighting System for Photographing People

Rocky Nook #ad - His two previous books, picture perfect Practice and Picture Perfect Posing, shattered the mold of instructional photography books as they empowered readers to advance their composition and posing skills. But how will you know if the circumstantial light is enough? The final piece of the Picture Perfect Lighting system is Roberto’s “lighting benchmark test, ” a brilliant method for determining the quality of the light in any given situation.

Picture perfect lighting, the third book in the Picture Perfect series, brings that same spirit and approach to teaching lighting. Picture perfect Lighting covers all of this in depth. Don’t limit yourself to using only one kind of light, and don’t depend on Photoshop actions and plug-ins to create the “wow” factor in your images.

With those behaviors established, roberto introduces his concept of “circumstantial light, ” an ingenious way of examining and breaking down the light around you in any given situation. With that mastery, you will finally have the ability to create that true “wow” factor in camera—and in your photographs.

Picture Perfect Lighting: An Innovative Lighting System for Photographing People #ad - Helper light is created with diffusers, strobes, flashes, reflectors, and light modifiers. Providing a detailed analysis of circumstantial light, Roberto develops the top ten circumstantial light elements you need to know in order to fully harness the power of the light around you to create an image that is true to your vision.

It is with the lighting benchmark test that you will determine if and when you need to use “helper light, ” the light that is needed or manipulated in order to “help” the circumstantial light so that your vision comes to life. In picture perfect lighting, Roberto has created a truly original system for understanding and controlling light in photography.


Picture Perfect Practice: A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs Voices That Matter

New Riders #ad - The posing section includes the five key posing Techniques that Valenzuela uses every time he’s shooting people, as well as a complete list of poses and how to achieve, customize, and perfect them. Foreword by skip cohen translating the chaos of the real world into a breathtakingly simple, beautiful photograph can often seem like an impossible task.

The location section features chapters that cover symmetry, framing, color elements, textures, balance, and much more. Valenzuela stresses the need for photographers to actively practice their craft every day–just like you would practice a musical instrument–in order to master the art of making great images.

Picture Perfect Practice: A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs Voices That Matter #ad - With chapters that offer practice exercises to strengthen your photographic abilities, break it down, you’ll learn how to approach a scene, and see your way to a great photograph. The book also includes an inspiring and helpful chapter on deliberate practice techniques, where Valenzuela describes his system for practicing and analyzing his work, which leads to constant improvement as a photographer.

. If you’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed by the challenges of real-world locations, with any subject, posing your subjects, under any lighting condition, or executing a great image–or if you simply want to become a better shooter but don’t know where to start–Picture Perfect Practice gives you the tools and information you need to finally become the kind of photographer you’ve always wanted to be: the kind who can confidently walk into any location, and know that you can create astonishing photographs that have a timeless impact.

With busy, cluttered backgrounds and subjects who don’t know how to pose, how can you take control and get a great shot no matter the situation? In Picture Perfect Practice, poses, photographer Roberto Valenzuela breaks down the craft of photography into three key elements–locations, and execution–that you can use to unlock the photographic opportunities lying beneath every challenging situation.

The execution portion, with sections like “Lighting through Direction” and “Simplicity through Subtraction, ” reveals Valenzuela’s overall approach to getting the shot.


Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It: Learn Step by Step How to Go from Empty Studio to Finished Image Voices That Matter

New Riders #ad - There aren’t any sketches or 3d models–you see the lighting layout in a full-page photo, so you can see exactly where everything’s positioned the subject, taken from above during the live shoot, the lighting, the photographer, the background–you name it–you see it all. For the first time ever, you’ll learn all three aspects of what it takes to create stunning portraits hint: it’s not JUST THE LIGHTING Scott Kelby, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Photoshop User magazine, the world’s #1 best-selling author of photography books, and Publisher of the just-released Light It magazine, has reinvented how lighting books are written by finally revealing the entire process from start to finish.

This book also breaks new ground in the visual way it teaches you the lighting setup. You’ll learn: the step-by-step layouts for creating the most-requested and sought-after lighting looks how to get more out of one light than you ever thought you could this is worth it alone! How to control and shape your light without breaking the bank The camera settings, invaluable shortcuts, eyes, skin, gear, and lots of other little retouching tricks that make a really big difference How to create high-contrast portrait effects without buying expensive plug-ins A host of insider tricks, and power settings for every shot The retouching techniques the pros really use to make their subjects look their very best How to retouch hair, lips, and kick-butt special effects to give you a real advantage over the competition Plus, Scott includes a special bonus chapter that shows how to create these same studio looks using off-camera hot shoe fl ashes and the modifi ers made for them.

Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It: Learn Step by Step How to Go from Empty Studio to Finished Image Voices That Matter #ad - . Retouch It. You see everything from the complete lighting setup and all the gear used, to the shoot including all the camera settings and a contact sheet of the progression of the shoot, to the all-important part that most books don’t dare include–the post-processing and retouching in Photoshop. There’s never been a book like it.


Photographing Women: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion Photography

Rocky Nook #ad - Unlike so many other books on the market that focus on photographing women—which are often just a collection of images that show different posing and lighting setups—in Photographing Women: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion, Jeff actually teaches you what you need to know in order to create great images.

He then dives deeply into teaching you the posing, styling, and lighting techniques that will flatter your subjects and convey your intended message. Following up on the success of his first book, Photographing Men, photographer and author Jeff Rojas has created a companion book that covers everything you need to know about photographing women.

Photographing Women: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion Photography #ad - In the book, jeff first discusses the variety of face shapes and body types you’ll work with when photographing women. In photographing women, rectangle, you’ll learn: •how to identify different face shapes, and how to decide on makeup and lighting choices based on those shapes •The different body types that most women have—diamond, apple, hourglass, etc.

And how best to flatter them •all about “perceived flaws”—such as love handles and double chins—and what to do about them •The difference between posing and directing your subjects •How to style your subject appropriately, boudoir, commercial, depending on the type of shoot portrait, etc.

How to pose your subject for standing, and lying poses •the lighting techniques you need to know in order to create beautiful, sitting, Jeff brings it all together and provides 21 unique lighting setups, covering lighting, commercial, flattering light in your photos •And much more! In the final section of the book, working through a series of shoots that cover portrait, and fashion photography.


Photographing Headshots: Techniques for Lighting and Posing the Close-Up

Amherst Media #ad - They grace annual reports, on stage, and take up prime real estate in the portfolios of those who seek to appear in fashion magazines, appear on business cards and websites, product ads, and on the screen. In short, clients need tailored images that speak of a business proficiency, appear pleasant, and simply communicate their core characteristics to viewers.

Photographing Headshots: Techniques for Lighting and Posing the Close-Up #ad - In this book, hughes provides solid lighting and posing techniques that will yield repeatable, polished portrait results that please subjects and get them noticed. While most clients who book portrait sessions want images that document a moment in time, special event, or aspect of their personality and file them away or share them with family or friends, headshots are very public.

These types of images are needed by individuals from all walks of life—from business tycoons to actors and models. Headshots—images that include the subject’s head and shoulders—are big business for photographers.