The Odyssey Signet Classics

Signet - Adventure on the high seas, betrayal, legendary romance, heroism—the saga has all these and more, tests of endurance, imagined by the most famous bard of all time. John dryden Signet classics. The greatest adventure of all time—now with a new afterword. His characters were everywhere. Blind and possibly illiterate, homer has still “in loftiness of thought surpass’d”* any storyteller since 900 B.

C. E. But, as aristotle pointed out, “his greatness was that he himself was nowhere to be found in his story. Homer’s odyssey has been called “the first novel, ” “the first expression of the mind in literary form, ” and “the best story ever written. Whether fans of suspense, angers his gods, fantasy or human drama, averts his eyes from medusa, cunningly flees Cyclops, as he meets the lotus-eaters, resists the sexy Sirens, narrowly escapes Scylla and Charybdis, readers of all ages thrill to Homer’s vibrant picture of Odysseus on his decade-long journey, docks in exotic cities—all the while struggling to make it home to his wife and son.

The Iliad Signet Classics

Signet - Perhaps the western world’s first and best storyteller, Homer draws the reader in with bated breath. Schein and a New Afterword. Rouse makes a point to keep the language as colloquial as Homer’s original was, high-flown, never pedantic, or clichéd. With an introduction by Seth L. To this day, the heroism and adventure of The Iliad have remained unmatched in song and story.

His masterful tale contains some of the most famous episodes in all of literature: the curse on the prophet Cassandra; the siege of Troy; the battle between Hector and Achilles; the face that launched a thousand ships; and of course, the deception of the Trojan Horse. In fact, it is the nearest contemporary English equivalent to the epic Homer’s audience heard at their banquets.

The Iliad Signet Classics - In his “plain English” translation, W. H. D. Men fighting to the death amid devastation and destruction. The world’s greatest war novel   humans and gods wrestling with towering emotions.

Endangered Ape Quartet

Scholastic Paperbacks - Scholastic Inc. Then otto, comes into her life, an infant bonobo, and for the first time she feels responsible for another creature. But peace does not last long for Sophie and Otto. From national book award finalist eliot Schrefer comes the compelling tale of a girl who must save a group of bonobos -- and herself -- from a violent coup.

Congo is a dangerous place, even for people who are trying to do good. When sophie has to visit her mother at her sanctuary for bonobos, she’s not thrilled to be there. When an armed revolution breaks out in the country, the sanctuary is attacked, and the two of them must escape unprepared into the jungle.

Endangered Ape Quartet - In endangered, and the tangled geography that ties us all, the sacrifices we make to help others, Eliot Schrefer plunges us into a heart-stopping exploration of the things we do to survive, human and animal, together. Caught in the crosshairs of a lethal conflict, they must struggle to keep safe, to eat, and to live.

Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws that Affect Us Today

Peachtree Publishing Company - Many of the political issues we struggle with today have their roots in the US Constitution. Husband-and-wife team cynthia and sanford Levinson take readers back to the creation of this historic document and discuss how contemporary problems were first introduced―then they offer possible solutions. Think electoral College, gerrymandering, even the Senate.

Scholastic Inc. But they came about through haggling in an overheated room in 1787, and we’re still experiencing the ramifications. Each chapter in this timely and thoughtful exploration of the Constitution’s creation begins with a story―all but one of them true―that connects directly back to a section of the document that forms the basis of our society and government.

Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws that Affect Us Today - From the award-winning team, and sanford levinson, constitutional law scholar, children’s book author, Cynthia Levinson, Fault Lines in the Constitution will encourage exploration and discussion from young and old readers alike. Many of us take these features in our system for granted.

Romeo and Juliet Folger Shakespeare Library

Simon & Schuster - In romeo and juliet, shakespeare creates a violent world, in which two young people fall in love. It is not simply that their families disapprove; the Montagues and the Capulets are engaged in a blood feud. Great product! In addition to exhibitions open to the public throughout the year, the Folger offers a full calendar of performances and programs.

In this death-filled setting, the movement from love at first sight to the lovers’ final union in death seems almost inevitable. For more information, visit Folger. Edu. Scholastic Inc. And yet, this play set in an extraordinary world has become the quintessential story of young love. The authoritative edition of romeo and juliet from the folger shakespeare library, the trusted and widely used shakespeare series for students and general readers, includes: -freshly edited text based on the best early printed version of the play -Newly revised explanatory notes conveniently placed on pages facing the text of the play -Scene-by-scene plot summaries -A key to the play’s famous lines and phrases -An introduction to reading Shakespeare’s language -An essay by a leading Shakespeare scholar providing a modern perspective on the play -Fresh images from the Folger Shakespeare Library’s vast holdings of rare books -An up-to-date annotated guide to further reading Essay by Gail Kern Paster The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, is home to the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s printed works, and a magnet for Shakespeare scholars from around the globe.

Romeo and Juliet Folger Shakespeare Library - In part because of its exquisite language, it is easy to respond as if it were about all young lovers.

The Odyssey SparkNotes Literature Guide SparkNotes Literature Guide Series

SparkNotes - Great product! . When an essay is due and dreaded exams loom, this book offers students what they need to succeed. It provides chapter-by-chapter analysis, a review quiz, explanations of key themes, motifs and symbols, and essay topics. Scholastic Inc. It is suitable for late-night studying and paper writing.

Romeo and Juliet No Fear Shakespeare

SparkNotes 2724259394670 - Sparknotes. No fear shakespeare gives you the complete text of Romeo and Juliet on the left-hand page, side-by-side with an easy-to-understand translation on the right. Great product! Scholastic Inc.

CliffsNotes on Homer's The Odyssey Cliffsnotes Literature Guides

Cliffs Notes - Great product! The latest generation of titles in this series also feature glossaries and visual elements that complement the classic, familiar format. In cliffsnotes on the Odyssey, you follow along on Homer's grand adventure. You'll also explore the life and background of the epic, Homer, and gain insight into the Homeric Question.

Other features that help you study includecharacter analyses of major playersa character map that graphically illustrates the relationships among the charactersCritical essays on the literary devices and major symbols of The OdysseyA review section that tests your knowledgeA Resource Center full of books, films, articles, and Internet sitesClassic literature or modern-day treasure—you'll understand it all with expert information and insight from CliffsNotes study guides.

CliffsNotes on Homer's The Odyssey Cliffsnotes Literature Guides - Sparknotes. This epic poem unfurls the story of Odysseus' triumph over Troy and arduous journey home to reclaim his kingdom. Scholastic Inc. The original cliffsnotes study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, characters, plots, literary devices, and historical background. At 2, it is one of the finest books ever written; as poetry, 500 years old, it sets the standard for comparison; and it serves as one of the foundations of the Western world's cultural heritage.

This study guide carries you along on Odysseus' journey by providing summaries and critical analyses of each book.

Of Mice and Men

Penguin Books - . Steinbeck has touched the quick. The new york Times Scholastic Inc. A controversial tale of friendship and tragedy during the Great Depression   They are an unlikely pair: George is "small and quick and dark of face"; Lennie, a man of tremendous size, has the mind of a young child. A thriller, a gripping tale.

Laborers in california's dusty vegetable fields, they hustle work when they can, living a hand-to-mouth existence. When they land jobs on a ranch in the Salinas Valley, the fulfillment of their dream seems to be within their grasp. Sparknotes. Great product! But even george cannot guard lennie from the provocations of a flirtatious woman, nor predict the consequences of Lennie's unswerving obedience to the things George taught him.

Of Mice and Men - Great product! Yet they have formed a "family, " clinging together in the face of loneliness and alienation. For george and lennie have a plan: to own an acre of land and a shack they can call their own. That you will not set down until it is finished.

The Iliad

Penguin Classics - Penguin Books. Great product! Renowned classicist bernard knox observes in his superb introduction that although the violence of the Iliad is grim and relentless, it coexists with both images of civilized life and a poignant yearning for peace. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

. The great war epic of western literature, translated by acclaimed classicist Robert Fagles, and featured in the Netflix series The OAA Penguin Classic   Dating to the ninth century B. C. Homer’s timeless poem still vividly conveys the horror and heroism of men and gods wrestling with towering emotions and battling amidst devastation and destruction, as it moves inexorably to the wrenching, tragic conclusion of the Trojan War.

The Iliad - Great product! Combining the skills of a poet and scholar, robert fagles, winner of the PEN/Ralph Manheim Medal for Translation and a 1996 Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, brings the energy of contemporary language to this enduring heroic epic. With more than 1, 700 titles, penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines.

He maintains the drive and metric music of homer’s poetry, and evokes the impact and nuance of the Iliad’s mesmerizing repeated phrases in what Peter Levi calls “an astonishing performance. This penguin classics Deluxe edition also features French flaps and deckle-edged paper.

The Inferno Signet Classics

Signet - Macallisterand an Afterword by Edward M. Sparknotes. It confronts the most universal values—good and evil, free will and predestination—while remaining intensely personal and ferociously political, for it was born out of the anguish of a man who saw human life blighted by the injustice and corruption of his times.

Translated by john CiardiWith an Introduction by Archibald T. Cifelli Scholastic Inc. Great product! Belonging in the immortal company of the works of Homer, and Shakespeare, Milton, Virgil, Dante Alighieri’s poetic masterpiece is a visionary journey that takes readers through the torment of Hell. The first part of dante’s divine comedy is many things: a moving human drama, a supreme expression of the Middle Ages, a glorification of the ways of God, and a magnificent protest against the ways in which men have thwarted the divine plan.

The Inferno Signet Classics - One of the few literary works that has enjoyed a fame both immediate and enduring, The Inferno remains powerful after seven centuries. Penguin Books. Great product! .