Traditional Japanese Crest Designs Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - Featured are a wide variety of stylized designs depicting plants, natural phenomena, geometric shapes, animals, and manufactured objects. Among the subjects included in this selection are such traditional Japanese motifs as bamboo, peony, crane, circle, lightning, rice, wave, cherry blossom, plum blossom, and hollyhock.

. This volume presents a total of 540 permission-free motifs, carefully selected for graphic impact and usefulness from several thousand crests known to exist. Family crests mon have been a Japanese tradition since the eleventh century, when they decorated the costumes and carriages of courtiers. Small, crest designs are ideal for spot illustrations, purity, compact, or for any graphic purpose requiring the classic simplicity, and graceful, with a strong sense of style, as logos, and strength of Japanese design.

Traditional Japanese Crest Designs Dover Pictorial Archive - Later, as heraldic decorations on formal costumes, they were used to identify warriors on the battlefield, and as ornament on the kimonos of the common people. Immensely useful, this volume of permission-free designs is not only an invaluable source of graphic material for artists, designers, and craftspeople, but a fascinating picture book of Japanese culture.

Japanese Design Motifs: 4,260 Illustrations of Japanese Crests

Dover Publications - Through constant variation and invention over the centuries, this has become one of the richest graphic art traditions in the world. Most of these motifs are circular, and they can all be fitted into a square. Within those limitations is a seemingly endless range of designs, scallop, lightning, fern, beginning with the dozens and dozens of root motifs — rice plant, candle, ship, pine, wisteria, gingko, scissors, rabbit, spool, lotus blossom, mountain arrow, anchor, saki bottle, raft, and scores of others.

Some of these are classic and recognizable designs, like the yin-yang, linked rings, and treasure knot. This collection presents more than 4, 000 individual designs in the 900-year-old tradition of Japanese family crests. Some of these motifs can be used to suggest an exotic flavor, and others are universal and can be used almost anywhere.

Japanese Design Motifs: 4,260 Illustrations of Japanese Crests - In addition, five- and six-pointed stars, combined with each other, each of the root designs was treated to dozens of imaginative variations — they were reproduced bilaterally, made to overlap, in triangles, in spirals, were built up in series, diamonds, and so on. Many of the others have rarely been seen in the West.

Graphic artists, textile designers, and other commercial artists looking for an untapped source of novel, pattern-makers, advertisers, appealing designs will find a wealth of material here. Practically every kind of plant, bird, natural phenomenon, animal, and manufactured object of Japanese culture was at one time or another included in a family crest.

Traditional Japanese Design Motifs Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - Here is a treasury of hundreds of authentic Japanese design motifs — all royalty-free and easy to reproduce — sure to appeal to artists and craftsmen striving for distinctive touches in their projects. Noted artist joseph d'addetta presents 264 strikingly beautiful pen-and-ink renderings of motifs from ceramics, lacquerwork, fans, woodblock prints, textiles, screens, and other valuable objets d'art found in museums and private collections.

The subtlety and vitality of traditional Japanese design are admired and imitated the world over. Designs date from the thirteenth and twentieth centuries and reveal something of the evolution of Japan's remarkable artistic sophistication. Plates are grouped into seven categories: plants and Flowers; Animal Life; Human Figures; Symbolic Objects; Geometric Patterns; Water and Wave Forms; and Ceramic Objects.

Traditional Japanese Design Motifs Dover Pictorial Archive - Within each category you'll find stunning variations on the major motifs — a crane encircled by plants, family crests, scenic vignettes, thunder and wind demons, and much more — as well as marvelous border elements. Captions identify and date motifs — for designs taken from ceramic objects you will usually find identifications by "school" or style as well.

Family Crests of Japan

Stone Bridge Press - The sense of “family” has changed in modern japan, but the crests’ high-contrast motifs and simple geometries are right at home in our logo-emblazoned age, even as the designs express old cultural interests and ideals: cherry blossoms, well buckets, floating clouds. This book contains over 850 family crests kamon with descriptions, signs, and a selection of photographs showing how crests are used on banners, cultural backgrounds, and buildings.

Of special interest to graphic designers, quilt-makers, and illustrators. Bold, iconic designs have been used to symbolize family names in Japan from the time of the court nobles in the twelfth century. Used book in Good Condition.

Traditional Japanese Family Crests for Artists and Craftspeople Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - The various crests you will find in this volume are those that are considered "classics" of their kind: that is, they are considered a part of the family history. The custom of using family crests as a matter of pride on the part of the family still remains in the nations of Europe although it is being upheld by a limited number of households.

Depicting plant, and more, and fan designs in circular motifs; astronomical images, leaf, animal, the authentic, royalty-free crests are ideal for use as spot illustrations in a variety of graphic projects. In japan it became a highly important matter of etiquette among the aristocrats and Samurai of the eleventh century to wear one's family crest in formal attire.

Traditional Japanese Family Crests for Artists and Craftspeople Dover Pictorial Archive - Used book in Good Condition. It is commonly acknowledged that from this originated the custom of family crests in Japan that has been handed down traditionally through the years. Over 1, graceful designs are featured in this handsome, 700 compact, versatile collection.

Japanese Emblems and Designs Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - Originally designed to serve as family emblems or crests, mon have also been used in Japan as trademarks and for decorating such objects as kimonos and lacquered furniture. This volume presents 800 of these attractive, copyright-free designs, ready for use or adaptation by today's commercial artists, craftspeople, and designers.

One specific kind of ornamentation, known as mon, is especially recognized for its unusually rhythmic and engrossing patterns. Renowned for its superb invention, ingenuity, and sense of pattern, Japanese design has long been admired in the West. Used book in Good Condition. A special feature of this book is the inclusion of a number of designs by the great artist Hokusai, selected from an extremely rare edition originally published in 1824.

Japanese Emblems and Designs Dover Pictorial Archive - In addition, kimonos, geometrical pattern construction, the collection contains figures based on written characters, and other motifs. Combining stylized natural and geometric forms to produce striking images, floor coverings, mon lend themselves to a wide range of applications: textile and wallpaper design, jewelry, mosaics, and much more.

Jack hillier, a well-known author and authority on Japanese art, has provided an informative and enlightening introduction to this exciting and useful design form.

Traditional Chinese Designs Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - Many of the patterns, and styles, in addition to carved stone, woodcarvings, shapes, were originally conceived for decorating textiles, which come in a variety of sizes, metalwork, tiles, basketry, ceramics, and cut paper, and other architectural elements. Commercial artists and graphic designers will find an abundant supply of useful borders, pine, as well as intricate floral displays that include peonies, frames, and corners, bamboo, chrysanthemums, lotus, and plum blossoms.

The distinctive motifs represented in this superb collection of 218 royalty-free patterns are typical of a vital art tradition that is experiencing a worldwide renaissance in popularity. Selected from various illustrated booklets published throughout the People's Republic of China and in Hong Kong, these motifs are derived from a vast selection of Chinese artifacts — dating from prehistoric pottery to the present day.

Traditional Chinese Designs Dover Pictorial Archive - Recognized internationally for their subtlety, and enduring beauty, delicate lines, artistic Chinese designs have long been regarded as more than simple ornamentation. Used book in Good Condition. Also available in this unique collection are real and fabulous Chinese animals, cloud and water motifs, geometric and abstract patterns, ideographs, and more.

Treasury of Japanese Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - This exceptionally versatile collection of traditional Japanese designs and motifs presents the working artist with a treasury of 360 copyright-free designs. A profound sense of the aesthetic beauty in all things pervades the whole of Japanese culture, applied, finding perhaps its clearest expression in the decorative, and pictorial arts.

However, most of the design motifs in this compendium were taken from woodblock prints. Used book in Good Condition. This particular medium was invented in China and introduced to Japan before 1000 A. D. 18th, flourishing thereafter and reaching its zenith in the Ukiyo-e "floating world" school of the 17th, and 19th centuries.

Painstaking effort has been made to preserve the original spirit and subtlety of detail while simultaneously sharpening the lines and enhancing the reproducibility of the designs and motifs. Characterized by a mastery of line and composition, and noted for lyrical scenes of exquisite beauty, the genius of Japanese art has bequeathed to the world a remarkable and distinctive design legacy.

There are several lovely ceramic and textile patterns. All have been especially adapted by noted artist Carol Belanger Grafton for ready use by illustrators, designers, and craftspeople. Accompanying these depictions of people in traditional garb, kites, keys, and accessories such as fans, and umbrellas, are many charmingly decorative family crests arranged in mostly circular configurations.

Treasury of Japanese Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen Dover Pictorial Archive - Also included are full-page compositions of bold geometric design, and much more―often in several arrangements, plum blossoms, butterflies, vignettes of ethereal delicacy, elephants, as well as a generous sampling of nature's bounty: cherries, cranes, even demons and dragons, radishes, turtles, parrots, lions, dogs, many with reversed images.

Japanese Floral Patterns and Motifs Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - Madeleine orban-szontagh has adapted these designs from watercolors, screens, the fabulous costumes of the Noh drama, lacquer boxes, wall hangings, and many examples of kimonos — all dating from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. This practical archive contains 45 royalty-free floral designs based on Japanese art and costume for use in many different arts and crafts projects.

Artists and crafters searching for clearly detailed patterns and motifs suggesting the subtle elegance of Japanese design will find this collection indispensable. Used book in Good Condition. Included are a wide variety of patterns and motifs: allover patterns, and more — some featuring birds and butterflies, some delicate and full of fine detail, individual nature scenes, grand floral sprays or tree branches, others bolder in concept.

Designs and Patterns from Historic Ornament Dover Pictorial Archive

Dover Publications - This well-known book was prepared a century ago by two British architects, and its reputation has grown steadily since. The designs and patterns shown are derived from architectural decorative motifs, textile designs, patterns from ceramics, etc. The audsleys' rendering of designs from a wide variety of sources are national traditions, and their excellent sense of space and proportion and their straightforward interpretations of these ornaments have made this collection among the most valuable of its kind.

The 60 plates contain over 250 large-scale line drawings, mostly executed by the authors. Commercial artists, scene designers, crafters, designers, architects, and others will find these pages a rich source of decorative designs. Used book in Good Condition. A brief text specifies sources for many of the designs, and captions identify national origin and often the original color schemes.

Designs and Patterns from Historic Ornament Dover Pictorial Archive - The illustrations include ancient egyptian patterns from painted tomb ceilings, Celtic designs, Moorish decorations, Japanese ornaments, borders from Greek vases, eleventh-century Italian textile designs, and architectural elements from the cathedral of Notre-Dame and other buildings. This partial list of contents gives an idea of the many styles of design reproduced in the book, and the applications to which the designs can be put.

Japanese Stencil Designs:100 Outstanding Examples Collected and Introduced by Andrew W. Tuer

Dover Pubns - Presents the works of japanese stencil-cutters in bold black-on-white illustrations and describes the techniques and materials of their art Used book in Good Condition.